Over 70% of Nigeria’s printing jobs executed overseas

by | August 15, 2017 5:44 pm

In spite of the enormous quality and growing  printing industry in Nigeria, over 70 percent of printing jobs by Nigerians are executed overseas. This development has cost Nigeria billions of Naira annually and puts pressure on foreign exchange, stakeholders in the printing business have said.

This development has pushed Central Bank of Nigeria to mute the idea of shutting out foreign companies in the printing of security documents. Also Minister of Information Lai Mohammed recently said federal government is taking steps to amend the Nigeria Broadcasting Code to discourage the production of Nigerian movies and music outside the shores of the country. But it is not sure how government wants to discourage printing of other paper and large format materials abroad.

Speaking to BusinessDay yesterday in Lagos, Talal Akar, Business Controller, Tenaui Africa, representatives of Canon equipments in Nigeria said from a research the firm conducted this year indicated that 70 percent of printing jobs are being printed abroad. He blamed this development on attitude of Nigerians who have penchant for foreign things and don’t believe that there are printers at home that can give them the quality that they want.

Akar who spoke at exhibition of Canon equipment in Lagos said Canon has come with quality printers in Nigeria for quality printing of any material.

Regretting the printing of jobs abroad, the President of Printers Association of Nigeria, Olu Adefowope said this development is costing Nigeria huge amount of money annually. “I cannot put figures to the amount Nigerians are spending annually in printing their jobs abroad but it is costing the nation huge amount of money and also it is costing people their jobs in Nigeria”

He employed government to stop overseas printing by Nigerians to save jobs and money expended abroad.

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