October 21st, 2016146 Chike (not real name) says he is not buying a new car to take home at Christmas this year, as has been his tradition in the last five years because they have become too expensive. Chike plans to put his current car in shape for the annual journey home. Like him, many Nigerians...

October 21st, 20162147 Nigerians are cashing in on the weak naira to increase exports of mainly agricultural products to boost their foreign exchange earnings. Data obtained by BuisnessDay from Nigeria’s two main cargo-handling companies shows a significant 39% increase in the volume of exported...

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October 20th, 20160133 We all like to indulge ourselves occasionally. After all you work hard enough to make big or medium bucks, so why not sit, relax and give yourself a treat once in a while. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going a little extra in making yourself happy. At least that is not what this piece is about. This piece is about you becoming your own worst enemy through making poor money choices and...


October 19th, 20160168   Oludele Ojediran, Vice-Chancellor of Bells University of Technology has said that the extension of entrance exams validity into tertiary institutions from one year to three years cannot not only resolve the perennial issues of inadequate...



October 21st, 2016044 In less than one month, Nigeria’s male senior football side, the Super Eagles will keep a date with Algeria in one of the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifier. Opinions are divided if the exit of Algerian coach will be advantageous to Nigeria or...



October 21st, 2016044 If I thought I had ever had a bad experience with flight delays, this was the peak! It’s easy to identify this lapse which is almost becoming the ‘norm’ with some airlines in Nigeria but guess what?, even the international terrain is guilty as...


October 17th, 20161174 Paris has sufficient monuments to keep every traveler busy. There are famous museums, glistening opera houses, and classical architecture. The list of places to visit can become repetitive, but you do not have to travel down that path. Here are 5...



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