Agriculture gets attention at COP22 with AAA initiative

by | November 15, 2016 2:26 pm

For the first time in the 22 years of  Conference of Parties (COP) session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), agriculture is being  given attention during climate discussions at the ongoing  COP22 conference in Marrakech, Morocco.
This will be made possible by the Adaptation of African Agriculture (AAA) to Climate Change initiative adopted in September this year by a coalition of 27 African countries who gave their backing and commitment to placing this initiative at the heart of COP22 negotiations.
Pitched as a major challenge for the COP22, agriculture is for the first time in the history of the COP brought to the forefront of climate discussions. 
This session of the conference will make visitors and participants discover the AAA Initiative in a dedicated exhibition space, and immerse themselves in a reality that is already underway, through the agricultural projects supported by the initiative.
Launched in April 2016, the triple A Initiative seeks to reduce African agriculture’s vulnerability to climate change. It aims to promote and fostering the implementation of concrete projects that will help improve land and agricultural water management, food security as well as the management of the effects of climate change on agriculture and food production.
The initiative seeks to consciously place African agriculture at the center of all debates and negotiations on climate and to obtain a substantial part of the climate funds for Africa.
COP as a session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) came into force in 1994 with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. It was designated as the supreme governing body of the Convention.
By virtue of this convention, all the parties have common but differentiated responsibilities. In addition, they take into account the specific nature of their national and regional development priorities, goals and circumstances.
Confirming the continent’s commitment to pushing through the initiative, King Mohammed VI of Morocco stated that, “Africa, long neglected, can no longer be ignored. The era during which our continent was treated as a mere object in international relations is over. Today, it is an active, respected partner in the debate on global governance.”
Continuing, he said, “Morocco, which is hosting COP 22, will defend the position of our continent, which is greatly affected by climate change and sustainable development issues. Cooperation, which is already intense with many countries at the bilateral level, will be further expanded and revitalized.”
On his part, the President of the Scientific Committee of the AAA, Mohamed Badraoui noted that, “at the space dedicated to the AAA Initiative, visitors can discover its challenges and the projects supported by the initiative through an immersive, pedagogical journey.  During this session, the general public can give form to its support for the initiative through a digital campaign.
The supporters will be unveiled through an innovative process: an interactive wall, directly connected to social media, where the names of all the supporters will be printed on posters that will be displayed in the exhibition area of the AAA Initiative.”
Visitors can also discover specific projects that are already operational or that are seeking funding, particularly those led by Agrimakers, those innovative African farmers who contribute to the development of the continent’s agricultural potential with solutions that are promoted by the AAA Initiative.