Bamidele’s dollar-spinning tech start-up

by | June 19, 2017 12:40 am

Bamidele Onibalusi is the founder of Deloni Enterprise. Onibalusi is a technology expert with over six years’ experience. Here, he reveals what inspired him to set up his tech start-up and how it has grown since starting.

What inspired you to set up a tech start-up?

The ease and comfort with which I can make an impact and earn an income inspired my technology business.  It was my passion for technology that inspired me to set up this business. Through my digital online platform, I easily and conveniently update people. Technology makes it easy for anybody and everybody to easily and comfortably achieve their dreams and make an impact and I enjoy it.

What was your initial start-up capital?

I started my business with N15, 000, which I used in registering my website and purchasing what is called ‘hosting’. Today, the business is worth over hundreds of thousands.

Did you take any loan from any financial institution?


Do you have employees?

I have four employees and they are all full-time staff.

What are some of the challenges you face?

The biggest challenge I have faced since starting my business is poor power supply and Internet access. When I started my online business, power was very erratic and it was practically impossible to get good Internet access. Things are much better now with the Internet, but power has not improved and the price of fuel has also increased. This has shot up my production cost.

 How do you think the government can address some of these challenges?

I think government should really look into the power issue and consider alternative energy solutions. Currently, I use a solar system, and that means I have power practically 24 hours a day. This has improved my productivity immensely, and I can’t imagine life otherwise. I can only imagine how much productivity is being stifled and how many youths are being rendered powerless on a daily basis due to lack of power.

Addressing the challenges that face entrepreneurs is an on-going project. When we scale one obstacle, there will be others. Even the US- which has always championed entrepreneurship- has its own difficulties. The important thing is for government to move in the right direction and engage entrepreneurs at each stage of the journey to understand their difficulties. Government intervention will always be needed but it must not do what the entrepreneur should do. Therefore,. occasional Ggvernment-entrepreneur engagement is needed.

  How have you been surviving recession?

While Nigeria is in a recession, I mainly deal with clients and customers in Europe, America and other parts of the world. I also earn my income in dollars and convert at the current exchange rate. This ensures that the recession has little or no impact on me.

What would you tell your younger self?

I will tell my younger self to think big. You can only limited by yourself. I will also tell my younger self to take more bold and big decisions. If you aren’t willing to take big decisions, you can’t achieve big results.


The government is talking about diversification, what role can technology play?

Technology is the biggest solution to Nigeria’s economic woes. The country would see remarkable results when we use our resources holistically and then use technology to jump-shoot the productivity of the diversities the economy would spread into. For example, how about using satellite imagery in developing irrigation strategies for the northern part of Nigeria to curb dryness and ensure that they have year-round food production. Therefore, technology can play the role of productivity enhancement and give lots of dynamism to the results from the planned diversification, rather than seeing it as a focus‎.