BrandFinance lists Nigeria’s most valuable brands 

by | August 21, 2017 12:45 am

BrandFinance has named Nigeria’s most valuable companies.  Dangote Group  emerged  as Nigeria’s   most   valuable  brand.   DangoteGroup is a Nigerian manufacturing success story. Its commitment to creating value and building a brand that is recognizable notjust in Nigeria, but also

beyond the borders of Nigeria, has seen its brand valuegrow to US$491

Nigerian Breweries came in as Nigeria’s strongestbrand with a brand strength rating of AA+ and a brand value of US$78million. Nigerian Breweries continuesgrow its brand strength on the back  ofinnovative  marketing  strategies   which   enables  it   to   deepen its  market   penetration strategy. A prime example ofthis is the partnership it forged with foreign based football clubs thatenablesthe brand to capture the existing consumer attachment to these clubs,especially the English Premier League.

The Banking sector dominated the table this year,making up 48% of the list. However, the sector’s   overall  brand   value   grew   a mere six percent year on  year.   First   Bank  of   Nigeria   has consecutively been the most valuablebanking brand, valued at US$301 million.

The sector is uniquely affected by the decline ineconomic activities brought about by the recession. Factors such as the increase in non-performing loans and foreign exchange challenges help surge up discount rates which lowered brand values.

The Oil and Gas brands, which comprise 20 percent ofthe overall brand value, experienced a decline in sector brand value this year.Oando was an exception; its brand value did not see a change this year. Despitethe waning brand value of the sector as a whole, Seplat’s brand value enjoyed a 10 percent increase to US$90 million, confirming it  as  the most valuable  Oil  and Gas  brand. The decline in the sector’s brand value is attributable to the declinein oil output and prices, which has increased discount rates.

In contrast, the ICT sector saw its brand value growby 63 percenteTranzact emerged as the fastest growing brand, up 65 percent toUS$17 million. Glo mobile is the most valuable telecommunications brand, valuedat US$427 million, up 62 percent from last year.

BabatundeOdumeru, Managing Director, Brand Finance Nigeria, commented: “The fact that both   the   strongest and   most   valuable brands   came from  the   manufacturing   sector  is re-assuring. This somewhat dispels the notion of how undiversified our economy really is. This issomething to build upon. The government’s effort towards diversifying the economy should be complimented with a drive to develop corporate Nigeria’s capability of building strong and global brands. This isabsolutely crucial in successfully implementing the policy of wealth
creationwe seem to have embarked on.”

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