Chibeks Limited advance renewable power option with innovative energy storage systems


September 13, 2017 | 12:35 am
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Chibek Instruments Limited, a modern enterprise specialising in Energy storage solution says it is committed to actively raise the standard in effective power management system through new high breed power storage and inverter system using the technology based on lithium iron.

Charles Ibe, managing director, Chibek Instruments Limited stated this while speaking on some of the strategies to be deployed by the company to achieve the set target at a power Nigeria conference in Lagos.

“The new frontier for competitive and cost effective power is going to be based on storage and ability to store power because if you can cut wastages, then you can increase efficiency to reduce cost to the end users” he said

Ibe said that the technology the company is bringing into the Nigeria market is a high breed system that has the capacity to harness energy from all sources like solar, generator, electricity and it will store the power effectively and later use it to power different facilities automatically.

He observed that renewable energy in Nigeria has really not received the attention it deserved because it is not that efficient. Adding that with the new technologies the company is bringing, it will resolve that issue.

On the capacity of the assemble plant under construction, Ibe disclosed that the over 7 billion naira facility situated in Lagos is 70 percent ready adding that Chibek Instrument Limited is going to be the first African company to have lithium based integration plant.

“To produce lithium battery is a mega project. But unlike any other manufacturing system, you have components from different countries or manufacturers”.

“We want to first assemble this system here in Nigeria. Currently, the German company that is producing it also has a Nigerian connection. This is all part of the strategy put in place to localise the technology” he added.

He further noted that the lead acid battery currently in use by most inverters takes 12 hours to charge, but the innovative Energy storage system the company offers takes only three hours to charge.

With the system we have right now, it gives you more power. The current system with lead acid gives you 50 percent, but ours give you 80 percent” he added.    



September 13, 2017 | 12:35 am
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