Company launches innovation technology to enhance customer experience

by Chinyere Okeke

December 14, 2017 | 12:39 am
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Bluechip Technologies, a data and analytics company has launched a new product, Blue prime; which is designed to deliver valuable insight as well as information to enhance customer’s experience and satisfaction while using their selected products through an analysis that goes beyond the usual trend.

Speaking at the launch of BluePrime in Lagos, Olumide Soyombo, Director and Co-founder, Bluechip Technologies, stated that the product, which is a result of over 18 months research, combines advanced business intelligence skills and proprietary customer analytics business rules to provide organizations with access to key customer behavioural information which can be used to make strategic decision for customer retention and products acceptability.

“BluePrime goes beyond just collecting your customer data from different sources and consolidating it, it looks at trends, behavior, runs the data through high quality and tested business algorithms desined for the African market, compute and present the data in a highly visual format for easy access and assimilation,”Soyombo explained.

Also speaking on the main features of the product, Kazeem Tewogbade, managing director and chief executive officer, Bluechip Technologies, listed Diary manager, Sentiment analysis, personlaised reports, and campaign engine among the major features of the product.

“Today, the real competitive advantage is in taking immediate and personalized action on the predictive and prescriptive view. This is what BluePrime seeks to help organisations achieve immediately.

“BluePrime is a market leading analytics solution answers. It takes data from multiple source systems – core banking, loan system, e-channels, risk amongst otherd which it runs through its carefully engineered algorithms to present actionable insights for Relationship Managers/ sales force. These insights are not only beautifully presented; Relationship Managers can take immediate action,” Tewogbade said.

  He further explained that BluePrime has key amazing features that simplify the process for banks to harness to its data to improve its most important KPIs.

“It has NBA – pre-defined algorithms which takes customer past behavior as input to recommend the likely products your customers might be interested in, thereby enabling you to sell more to existing customers.

“The sales force knows the most productive thing offer at all times. The churn prediction engine to features like our profitability predictor, we provide all the insight your people need to improve their numbers. Users can discover anything they want by simply chatting with our in-platform chatbot. With the Diary Manager, the Sales force people can add things to this timeline format to ensure that they know what they need to be doing at all times,” he added.

Chinyere Okeke

by Chinyere Okeke

December 14, 2017 | 12:39 am
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