Gr8jobsng unveils learning platform to enhance employability


June 12, 2018 | 5:22 pm
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The Learning Management System (LMS) is an initiative by Gr8jobsng to aid jobseekers in Nigeria become more employable through interactive employability courses.

During the launch of the LSM, Omomene Odike, managing director/CEO of Gr8jobsng, a HR expert with over 14 years in the industry, spoke about the increasing rate of unemployment in Nigeria, and lamented the sad truth about most Nigerian youths being unemployable.

This endemic situation in the country led her team to come up with the LMS, with a drive to revolutionise the way HR is seen in Nigeria and beyond.

According to Odike, most of the time, when you do not get offered that job, it may not be because you are not qualified; it can just be that your soft skills are missing. The way you opened the door, the way you chewed that gum, the way you answered the first question, your grammatical tenses or it can just be your CV presentation, she said.

Soft skills are right skills, information and exposure required to be employable. They will always enable you secure that dream job and this is why you must continue reading this piece.

Gr8jobsng platform launched in June 29, 2016 and is been recognised as the number one recruitment platform in Africa. The platform enables employers to advertise their job vacancies for free, access world class HR services in the areas of recruitment, outsourcing, training, pre-assessment testing, employee verification, CV purchase, among other services.

She also says in today’s Digital Age, LMS is here to stay as more and more organisations large and small are adopting LMS as it is providing a solution that is attractive, reliable and cost effective.

This LMS has been designed solely for Nigerians and there is no age or class restriction. Young adults from their secondary school level can take part in the one-year exercise. There’s always room for any Nigerian adult who wishes to learn more on this platform.

All it takes is for you (Nigerian youth) or parents (who wish to help their children stay grounded in the job world) to sign up on  Input all your necessary information including a lovely photograph of yourself, go platinum, pay a fee less than 3,000 and start taking your courses. The good thing is you don’t have to burn a lot of data, as the longest course is 10 minutes only. Once you’re done listening to your short lecture, you take a test and immediate get your result and certificate.

Gr8jobsng LMS comprises of over 40 courses and the platform covers a wide range of assessments from, Interview Skills, how to search for a job, writing a good CV, Business writing skills, Customer Service, Critical thinking, Sales & Marketing, Leadership, Time Management and so many more

Tell someone to tell another person about this wonderful initiative and you’ll be helping reduce the rate of unemployment and unemployable youths in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. 


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June 12, 2018 | 5:22 pm
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