Lifemate Furniture projects zero importation in the long term


May 22, 2018 | 5:50 am
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Lifemate Furniture

Lifemate Furniture, Nigeria’s leading furniture manufacturing company have projected long term plans to stop the importation of hardware and accessories, targeting to focus majorly on locally sourced materials.
Asked if Life mate manufacture here in Nigeria, the managing director of the company, Derrick Dai said, “we don’t just assemble here in Nigeria, all of our production is done here in the country.
“We only import from America, Italy and Japan some accessories and hardware we can’t find in the Nigerian market. But I hope that eventually we can get everything from the Nigerian market. We don’t want to import anything to facilitate our operations in Nigeria”
Derrick told BusinessDay that already, asides those inputs that can’t be readily gotten in the Nigerian market, all of its raw materials are sourced in the country.
Speaking at the lunch of what he described as the largest furniture show room in Lagos, the Dai said “the company currently employs more than a thousand Nigerians, pay taxes to the Nigerian Government and has invested massively in the country.
“We Chinese may be the owners and investors in Lifemate but we are registered here in Nigeria. Lifemate is indeed a Nigerian brand. Our product is designed to suit the needs of their numerous customers across all works of life”
We are teaching our Nigerian employees how to produce many of our products and how to operate machineries. The company is also looking to set up a technical school to train the Nigerians in the line of the furniture making
For more than fifteen years, the company has been meeting the needs of Nigerians with quality product that suits their different needs at the most affordable prices.
The company is also looking to expand operations into construction and decoration as the MD sited the new edifice housing the largest furniture show room in Lagos which he said was completed by the company in eleven months.
The Nigerian market is quite big and no one individual company can hold and sufficiently meet the need of the people. Hence, the company is looking to collaborate with other furniture company whether indigenously owned or multinational to ensure increased availability and affordability of furniture to all households.
On his part, the company’s head of advertising described the company as a leader in Nigerian furniture market as it offers the latest and in demand products.
“Among our latest collection is the massaging chair, first in the Nigerian market, it offers the same world renowned Chinese massaging. You can now in the comfort of your home get the best of relaxation at very affordable prices”
“Although the ban on importation of some hardware and accessories by the government has in a little way affected smooth operations because these accessories can’t be found here in Nigeria, all of our product, whether they look international or not, they are manufactured here in Nigeria”
Life mate in a star studded ceremony lunched the largest show room in Lagos. The edifice is houses six compartments of furniture and sanitary ware.





May 22, 2018 | 5:50 am
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