‘Dedicated to digital’‎ debuts in Abuja

by | January 30, 2018 2:36 pm

‘Dedicated to digital’ a one-day masterclass on digital marketing designed to educate young graduates, and entrepreneurs on strategic steps toward upscaling their business has debuted in Abuja on Sunday.
Digital experts at the event spoke unanimously on the need for online business entrepreneurs to own and dominate their online space by ensuring they have engaging content,and good feedback strategies that would ensure they sustain relationships built with clients.
Speaking at one of the sessions, Yetunde Shorters, who spoke on ‘Understanding clients and monetising your content’ noted the strategic positioning, and understanding as well as relating with your premium client is very important in advancing online business.
Accordingly,she noted that,”‎Positioning, and affiliate marketing through network on one’s premium client is important.Premium clients are those clients you know that come what may they will be with you, because of the kind of service being rendered to them,which would make them talk their friends and associates into patronising you.Thies they often do because of believe in your ability to solve their problem”
Erik Zara, one of the speakers said there is need to ensure the content in their digital speace is engaging and could keep the clients constantly visiting the Web page as often as possible, because their needs are met.
Oby Ohakim who spoke on how to protect your online business guided participants on how to secure relevant domain names and social media handles in order not to loose their businesses.
“Trade mark your brand name, patent your investment, and think globally in protecting your businesses digitally”she said.
Dedicated to Digital’s Strategy in a digital World is a one-day masterclass on Digital Marketing that has been designed to educate young graduates,owners of small and medium businesses,aspiring digital entrepreneurs and media managers within corporate bodies.
‎Elizabeth Osho, a Communications Strategist of SOME’ solutions who are the organisers of the programme said the programme is focused on ensuring people explore and understand opportunities in digital business.
“There is this need world online,but people are not sure on how to monetise their programmes.We have people here who wants to be bloggers,and digital entrepreneurs,we are helping them achieve that dream”she said.
Ifeoluwa Ogunbufunmi, the event host said the master class is strategic in widening the digital opportunities,which she described as limitless.
“It is good to know your target audience,work on your target market,and ensure your content is consistent,so that people who visit your page,gets satisfied.”she said.