Which detergent is the rave of the moment?

by | December 7, 2017 12:11 am

Once upon a time, Omo was a word used to refer to all powdered detergents in Nigeria, but that has since changed with the emergence of different brands that promise consumers quality and quantity at a friendly price.

Consumers had for long tilted towards detergents as they are engineered to perform well under a variety of conditions. Unlike soaps, detergents form lather with hard water and with their more cleansing action, they make washing easier.

Nigeria’s powdered detergent market parades over 10 brands all begging for consumers’ attention. Some of the notable brands that have warmed their way into the hearts of many include the likes of Ariel from the stable of Procter and Gamble, Omo and Sunlight from Unilever, Klin and Good Mama from Eko Supreme Resources Nigerian Limited, amongst others.

Most retailers who spoke with BusinessDay say the detergent they feel is the darling of consumers.

“The number of people that usually ask for Ariel is thrice the number of those that ask for other detergents. I don’t know why and I have not bothered to ask. Maybe it’s because of the perfume or they wash well. I don’t really know,” said Modesta Bunmi, a retailer in Port Harcourt.

For Musa Hamza, a retailer in Lagos, his customers prefer Klin.

“Customers buy Klin more than they buy other detergents. Just as the name says, Klin cleans clothes very well. I’m talking from experience because I use it too,” he said

BusinessDay went to town recently to find out where the loyalty of consumers truly lies and the reason for their choice of brand.

Omoniyi Ojo, a resident in Lagos said, “I use Ariel. I think it is the most preferred in my house. Personally, Ariel is friendly to my skin because I react to detergents; they peel my skin causing wounds even in a small wash.”

Adebambo Akeem, who resides in Abuja, says he will forever remain faithful to Omo because of its alluring fragrance.

“For the past few years, I have stayed glued to Omo and Klin. For Omo, I love its fragrance, its reactions on water and fabrics. I love the rich foam. That is also applicable to Klin; it’s just that Omo has a better fragrance. The prices are okay, especially now that we have it in handy sachets. It makes it easily affordable,” Akeem said.

“I use Omo most times but occasionally I use Sunlight. My preference for Omo is because it’s more active,” said Innocent Amadi, a Port Harcourt resident.

Chinenye Nwankwo, a Lagos resident, said, “I use Ariel. I guess because some have claimed that it cleans stuff better. I also think it’s a high quality detergent unlike others I have used.”

“Sunlight is my brand any day. The price is fair enough and it does the work I always send it to do. I think it actually removes stains easily and I like the scent,” Beauty Osuji, another Lagos resident, told BusinessDay.