September 29th, 2016224 The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) yesterday settled the third OTC foreign exchange (FX) futures contract, even as low liquidity continues to mar interbank FX market trading. The NGUS SEP 28 2016, 1M contract with a notional value of $180 million executed between the CBN and...

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September 27th, 2016217 Although the age-old saying advises one never to put all of one's eggs in one basket, a multi-manager approach to investments might well be seen as the exception to the rule. In the case of multi-managed funds, diversification is offered in a single investment that removes the pressure of having to find, as well as monitor individual fund managers. Essentially it is one basket with a variety...



September 28th, 201609 Planet Earth is in crisis. 195 countries convened in Paris late last year to discuss how each territory can reduce its carbon emissions and discussions are still on going. As a traveller on the move, what better choices can you make to create a...


September 28th, 201615 Three Olympic boxers, including beaten Irish bantamweight Michael Conlon, who had accused the judges of robbing him of victory, have been sanctioned by the IOC for betting on fights during the Rio Games. The International Olympic Committee said...


September 29th, 201639 In 2013, the World Bank stated that mono-product economies are vulnerable due to the volatility of global oil prices. Nigeria falls in the category of mono-economies having had 46 years of oil dependence with 95 percent of the goods it exports...


September 28th, 2016033 With an average of 200,000 page views per month, is a blog that connects readers to the experiences of its creator, Vera Ezimora. From the perspective of a Nigerian female living abroad, (Baltimore, Maryland in Vera’s...


September 27th, 2016112 We live in the age of together where people enjoy sharing an experience rather than taking it all in alone. When there is a physical space to meet, laugh, discuss, and celebrate talent, a deeper connection is felt than doing all of the above over...


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