September 27th, 20161278  Stakeholders in Nigeria's Oil and Gas industry are concerned about  the deteriorating condition of over $8 billion worth of fabrication assets scattered across the country which are in disuse. The stakeholders argue that the only remedy is heavy investment in the sector...

September 27th, 2016146 Access Bank Plc, Nigeria’s fourth largest lender by assets, would be looking to raise as much as $350 million from offshore investors this year, in what may be the first tranche of a $1 billion Eurobond, sources familiar with the matter told BusinessDay. “Access bank...

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September 27th, 201623 Although the age-old saying advises one never to put all of one's eggs in one basket, a multi-manager approach to investments might well be seen as the exception to the rule. In the case of multi-managed funds, diversification is offered in a single investment that removes the pressure of having to find, as well as monitor individual fund managers. Essentially it is one basket with a variety...







September 27th, 201618 We live in the age of together where people enjoy sharing an experience rather than taking it all in alone. When there is a physical space to meet, laugh, discuss, and celebrate talent, a deeper connection is felt than doing all of the above over...

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