September 25th, 20161122 The Minister  of Budget and National Planning, Sen. Udoma Udo Udoma says the fiscal stimulus strategy designed is not to sell off all national assets. Udoma, gave the explanation in a statement issued by his Media Adviser, James Akpandem on Saturday in Abuja. Udoma said...

September 25th, 20161171 While thousands of retired civil servants across Nigeria who laboured for their states for 35 years wallow in abject penury and die without getting their pensions and other entitlements, and while many serving civil servants go without pay for upwards of 10 months, former state...

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September 25th, 201608 Thirty billion dollars’ worth of commitment was the number on everyone’s lips as Africa green revolution forum was concluded. Development partners and governments pledged over 30 billion US dollars in investments to intensify production and...


September 23rd, 2016019 The Lake of Stars Festival is one of the most spectacular music festivals hosted in Africa. Malawi is the host country and thousands of attendees convene each year to enjoy three days of an eclectic mix of music and arts. Now in its eleventh year,...




September 23rd, 2016078 Escape Night Club Escape was opened in 2014 after two years of construction. It was setup to create an avenue for fun lovers and hardworking individuals to come together to break free from their worries and the norm in other words as the name...


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