Developing SMEs only key to moving Nigeria forward – expert


April 14, 2016 | 11:50 am
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Following the significant roles Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) have continued to play in the growth of many economies, Segun Agbaje, managing director GTBank Nigeria, says only an amalgamation of the SMEs in Nigeria will take the country forward.

Speaking recently at Market Place Alliance organised by This Present House (TPH) in Lagos, Agbaje advocated for more attention to the SMEs, which contribute to reduction of unemployment.

“The only way forward in a country like Nigeria is to have the SME sector developed. It’s not corporations that will fix Nigeria; it is an amalgamation of SMEs that will take the country forward.

“I still believe Nigeria is the greatest place on earth to do business. Africa as a continent is the best place to do business. There are a few countries with the population we have and at the least 50 percent are below the age of 20. Who else has 170 million people to sell products to?” said Agbaje.

The convener of the event, Tony Rapu, who explained the reason for the event, elaborated that there was a need for more engagements on every level and platforms like ‘TPH BusinessWednessday’ established to make it clear that things can no longer be business as usual.

“The reality of the 21st Century demands a better approach for high performance, and TPH’s Business Wednesday service is a great platform to exchange ideas. We are excited to have Segun Agbaje on this platform and we are confident that the insights shared will inspire us to attain for greatness in spite of the current economic situation,” Rapu said.



April 14, 2016 | 11:50 am
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