Expert advocates regulation for data protection, confidentiality as technology drives healthcare

by | November 8, 2017 12:53 am

As Nigeria joins the rest of the world in technological advancement in healthcare, health insurance services, experts have advocated regulatory framework for data protection and confidentiality of consumers.

Francis Faduyile, who spoke at the launch of Dokita 247, a new innovation in heathcare technology in Lagos said innovation in healthcare delivery will continue to accelerate with technological and medical advances.

“The issues they create for government and business are of equal importance to the problems they help solve, as clinicians will be able to engage with patients in novel ways through home monitoring software and telehealth.

Speaking on theme ‘Technology and Healthcare Delivery In The 21st Century’, the expert said that policy makers are tasked with creating a regulatory framework that manages patient security without stifling innovation or the effective use of technology. The future of healthcare is here, and it’s imperative that all be ready”. 

‎Faduyile, senior lecturer/pathologist, Lagos State University College of Medicine/Teaching Hospital said Dokita247 is an intuitive that will advance the course of medical services in Nigeria

Dokita247 is an online telemedicine company based in the United States of America seeking to bridge the gap between affordable healthcare and qualified health personnel for the less privileged in Sub-Sahara Africa by delivering quality, cost effective and on demand video healthcare consultations to the under-served populations of the African people via tablets, desk top computers and other mobile devises. 

He stated that new technologies will allow remote monitoring of patients and their access to healthcare, health data collection, patient identification, medicine administration, medication compliance, information exchange with the providers and other patients, access to medical record, amongst several other benefits that would continue to accrue with the fast pace development of medical and allied health technologies.

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