Fidelity Bank underscores trust, promise in latest TV commercial

by | September 12, 2017 12:15 am

Fidelity Bank, founded in 1988 and which has carved a niche for itself as a dependable bank has again stirred the market with introduction of latest campaign ‘Our Word’.

The bank is using the TVC to reinforce its essence as a trustworthy institution that keeps faith with its customers no matter their class or creed.

The 60 seconds commercial is a reaffirmation of the bank’s commitment to the people it serves. “It is a defining moment, a reminder that our customers’ expectations are high and as Fidelity people, we cannot fail in keeping our word to them”, the bank said.

The simple but  with direct message commercial shows a young  couple ready for an outing. While the husband was naturally waiting for the wife, their daughter of about seven years old begs the dad that she wants to join them and the dad agreed. In order to be sure, the daughter echoed, promised? And the dad replied  he keeps his work. As the young girl went to pick her shoes, the couple hid themselves, pretending to have left the house. On getting to the parlour and did not find her parents, the girl was sober, disappointed and confused, but seconds later, the parents emerged and the girl was happy and they all left.

The message means the dad has kept his word which is fundamental in any relationship.

“This promise holds the very same meaning even to our internal customers as much as it does to our external customers. When you fulfil your commitments to your colleagues in the course of your duties, you are as well helping them keep their word to our customers. It is a collective responsibility that preserves the integrity of our noble institution”, the bank managing director, Nnamdi Okonkwo reportedly said.

Fidelity which had a total assets estimated at $6.4 billion in 2013 and shareholders equity in excess of $1billion had in 2015 launched a refreshed identity with the release of a thematic brand campaign, the Tough Job campaign – a philosophy that expresses its readiness to take on tough challenges, turning them into opportunities to please its customers and go beyond the call of duty to make them happy.

“We made this promise that when things become tough, we would be ready to take them head-on in a positive manner. I am proud that it was a very successful campaign with global acclaim and we have all lived up to our promises ever since”, the CEO said.

After executing the tough job, the bank is therefore reassuring its customers of its promise of trust and dependability in business.

According to him then, the bank’s “ new brand identity is a reminder of our rich background, it speaks to the fact that our history inspires our future. Our future is green. Our brand therefore signifies the vibrancy and the energy with which we will conquer new frontiers. It speaks of our upward trajectory – the journey through our conservative past to our progressive future.

“We have become a bank that is not afraid to challenge the times; a bank that has redefined its engagement with customers; a bank you can trust to get you ahead in tough times. Our new identity comes with a renewed promise; no matter how tough the job, you can bank on us to get you ahead” he said.

Daniel Obi