LG reiterates commitment to improving consumers lives

by | January 18, 2018 12:11 am

LG Electronics says the previous year was a great one for the company in terms of new products offerings and wide market acceptability. LG Signature wowed everyone at 2017 CES with the display of its array of products.

As the year kicks off, the company says it is poised to impact the electronics industry on various fronts and has assured its teeming consumers that this year’s milestone achievements would top that of the past year.

“For LG the year is fully loaded with great products that will be trendsetting, intuitive and perfect for smart homes, which will further shape the year changing the narrative of technological innovation,’’ said Taeick Son, managing director, LG Electronics West Africa operations.

‘‘Indeed, 2018 is a promising year for us, as we intend to upscale existing products and also introduce newer ones that would meet the needs of our consumers”.

LG is known for churning out innovative updates on its most popular products and it says 2018 would see the debut of more exciting technology than ever before. The company also has plans to showcase its innovative products at CES 2018 in line with its reputation for leadership.

‘‘LG has a history of setting trends, not following them and the company aims to interrupt the business-as-usual mindset that prevails in several key markets. LG Electronics will be one of the biggest exhibitors at the 2018 CES event in Las Vegas,’’ said Son.

The event will provide a unique opportunity for the company to showcase its latest technological advancements to the world in terms of home entertainment; home appliances; wearables; computers; smartphones and the biggest of it all Artificial Intelligence (AI) aided devices.

‘‘Creating modern homes requires both human intuition and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to produce a smart solution. LG through its open platform and open connectivity strategy is fast emerging as a leader in the industry.

‘‘This is one of the tech trends that would shape 2018 and beyond alongside many other lineups of smart products LG is introducing into the market for the benefit of its esteemed consumers across the globe,’’ Son added.

The pace at which technological innovations are taking over the world today is quite remarkable and technology experts are of the view, that the year would experience more technological innovations.

‘‘LG Electronics is set to expand its reach on SmarThinQ hub. It’s now compatible with Amazon’s intelligent personal assistant Alexia as well as the SmarThinQ Sensor technology with the aim of building Smarter Homes.’’

Some of the features in LG’s SmartThinQ Hub are its voice recognition technology which would enable consumers give commands to kick start household tasks and streamline the control process.

‘‘LG plans to expand its smart product lineup particularly in the aviation sector with its Airport Guide Robots and Airport Cleaning Robots which are already being experimented with in some international Airports. LG’s Hub Robot brings together the functions of Amazon Echo, Google Home and more to create the ultimate smart home assistant.

‘‘The Hub Robot can connect to LG smart appliances making it easier to complete household tasks. It can even display a wide range of information on its interactive screen, including images of refrigerator content and step-by-step recipe instructions, while simultaneously interacting with multiple household members,’’ Son said.

LG says its latest robot collections would be on display at company’s CES booth. According to LG, the robot is equipped with smart sensors, multiple cameras to ensure safe and effective performance even in crowded airports.

‘‘One of the cutting-edge innovations to look out for at the CES event is the LG V30 Smartphone. It is designed to allow users take photographs of high quality standard. The phone comes with an F1.6 aperture camera lens, OLED Full vision display and it’s designed with user-friendly feature which makes it a unique.

At the CES 2018, the company is certain that it would make a lasting impression with its array of OLED TV which it says has held consumers spellbound for long times.

‘‘LG’s status as an OLED pioneer gives it a significant edge over competitors and it has allowed lay a solid foundation as the market leader. LG products developed with DeepThinQ technology from mobile devices to home appliances will deliver a comprehensive user experience by linking a host of technologies and solutions to its state-of-the-art AI platform. LG Wi-Fi-enabled AI appliances can provide a wider variety of services to users.

‘‘The LG EasyClean oven when connected to the appropriate app can access recipe information wirelessly and automatically begin preheating at a specific temperature and set time. When the oven needs cleaning, this is made simpler by the oven’s advanced hydrophilic enamel coating. Consumers should expect better life experiences with highly sophisticated innovative products.’’