How to lose belly fat after pregnancy?

by | January 11, 2018 8:00 pm

The fashion world creates this idea that every woman must be thin to be beautiful.


While the modern Nigeria believe that not only thin girls are beautiful, staying fit is a big deal. Every woman consciously makes an effort to keep their belly flat. At least in the beginning.

I was browsing through the internet and I saw the headline, “what I did to lose my belly fat?”

She then show this picture below:



So I thought that it was the before picture from when she was pregnant. If you don’t know, Yemisi is a celebrity blogger of the blog So she has an adorable husband and a son and so is qualified to have a bulgy belly.


Back to the story on how to get rid of the belly fat. She had a caesarian and so because she didn’t want her innards ruptured, she stayed away from any kind of exercise (the story of a Nigerian woman’s life), no gym, nothing but she succeeded in getting rid of her belly fat.


Let’s watch this YouTube video and see if we can learn from what she did.



I hope it will work for me when I get around to trying it.

Have a great day and happy new year, there is twelve months waiting for you to paint it in bright colours. Be creative.

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