LUMOS drives access to solar electricity, woos SMEs

by | April 25, 2018 12:22 am

Lumos, a leading solar power and off-grid solar home systems provider and pioneers of mobile electricity in Nigeria, has announced a one-month price reduction window on its Lumos Solar Power Systems, in a move to empower micro and small businesses owners and households as part of its commitment to improving the quality of life of Nigerians, through reliable, accessible electricity for all.

With this offer, subscribers can now join the service for only N20,000 set-up fee, which already has bundled into it, one full month of mobile electricity subscription. Previously, this would have come to a cost of N36,500. This, it is hoped, will encourage more micro and small businesses to sign up to the service and start enjoying major significant savings on their power generation expenses compared to fuelling and running a small generator.

While subscribers will get to enjoy reliable electricity at the push of a button, they are also afforded one month within which to plan for their next routine monthly subscriptions as the cost of the first month of power has already been factored into the setup fee.

Houssam Azem, CEO of Lumos, while  speaking at the Nigerian Energy Forum held at the Landmark Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos, said: “Lumos is excited at the chance to stimulate economic growth and improve profitability for micro and small businesses by reducing the entry barrier for them joining our service, and in doing so, unlocking significant cost savings for them.”

“Our field studies show that an average micro business, say a tailor, a mid-sized barbers shop, pharmacy and a small clinic only require power to run basic appliances. It is therefore important that they run those appliances in a profitable manner. When you compare spending N4,500 monthly as subscription to the Lumos Mobile Electricity Service compared to spending somewhere between  N12,000 to N20,000 on fuel and minor generator repairs within one month, you can see how easily a small family or business can save betweenN7,500 and N15,500 when powering exactly the same electronic devices: charging mobile phones, lights, plastic blade fans and compliant LED TVs, these are actual facts based on actual happy customers who are using our service.

“So if you are a hair dresser, run a poultry, a hatchery, or operate a barber shop, a small store or provisions kiosk, a pharmacy, a small corner shop, or even a tailor, among many others, etc., you should take advantage of the price slash and watch your disposable income grow as you save money.”

“This move aligns with our core values and goes beyond providing electricity, to actually supporting small businesses and powering them along the way. It helps to accelerate growth through our businesses but more importantly, by providing the much-needed power for businesses, homes and primary healthcare facilities”.

Olusola Bello