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Ikeja City Mall bets on efficacy of No Slips’s floor friction solution


February 13, 2018 | 12:12 am
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The management of Ikeja City Mall has confirmed the efficacy of the No-Slips Limited’s new anti-slip product which has the capacity to increase the co-efficient of friction on floors, bathtubs and other wet areas in homes and offices.

No-Slips, a floor and bathtub treatment company based in Lagos and the sole distributor of Sure-Step non-slip company,  was at the retail facility recently where it treated a large portion of the mall’s floors to increase their co-efficient of friction to reduce the possibility of slip and fall accidents by visitors to the mall and/or members of staff.

No-Slips is  a licensed national distributor of  Sure-steps which  is a product of Interlake Chemicals International Limited based in Canada with distributors spread across over 97 countries around the globe. It started operations in 2016 and has been carrying out the business of marketing and application of the product as a bouquet of services to residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Ikeja City Mall was just one of their commercial real estate clients and, like others before them, were satisfied with the quality of the job the company did on their facility.

“We write to thank you for the amazing difference we have experienced on our floors since they were treated with your anti-slip product; we used to receive a lot of complaints of slip and fall whenever it rained and we had tried different approaches but to no avail.

“Since you applied your product to the floors of our shopping mall, the result has been excellent!”, noted Steve Idonigie, the Operations Manager of Ikeja City Mall, in a letter of appreciation No-Slips management.

Idonigie added that there has been a remarkable turnaround such that there hasn’t been a single incident of slip and fall in the areas treated. “The product is second to none; this is the first of its kind in this part of the world. The treated areas are no longer slippery, especially when wet”, he said.

Charles Igbinidu, No-Slips’ CEO, noted that  more companies and individuals in Nigeria were beginning to take floor safety seriously, adding that he was not surprised with the high demand for floor safety treatment because “no amount of money spent on safety can be compared to the emotional and physical pain accidents bring”.

“We have heard stories of people who slipped while walking on the doorway of their offices and sustained life-threatening injuries such that their companies had to spend so much taking them abroad for treatment. There are also stories of people who have lost their lives after slipping and falling in their bathrooms”, he said.

Slip and fall accident can happen anytime, anywhere. Every marble floor that has just been mopped, every kitchen in every restaurant or school cafeteria; every bathtub in every hotel and homes, every washroom floor with a few drops of water, high-traffic areas where spills, drops and pools can occur are especially at risk,  homes and businesses/commercial places such as malls, hotels, restaurants, banking halls, offices, factories, swimming pools etc.). Having a secure floor to walk on gives peace of mind and confidence both at home and in offices.

“No-Slips is,  therefore, into the business of giving that peace of mind; we can never be too careful as slip and fall accidents happen unexpectedly. The consequences, sometimes, are unpleasant,” he said.




February 13, 2018 | 12:12 am
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