Four Made in Nigeria footwear makers in Lagos


March 1, 2018 | 12:21 am
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Hesey Designs

Hesey Designs is an African-inspired fashion label that makes beautiful handcrafted shoes, apparel and fashion accessories (bags, purses etc.).

The brain behind this fashion label is Odiete Eseoghene, the 25-year-old Nigerian-born fashion entrepreneur, who only graduated from university less than two years ago.

Since hitting the market with her creative designs, just after she graduated from university, Odiete has won several awards and hit the spotlight when she designed the sneakers worn by Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Atlantic, during the launch of Virgin Atlantic’s new uniforms and 30th Anniversary celebration in London.

The young designer started her business with less than $100 in capital, from her savings. Through sheer determination and passion, she has raised about $60,000 in extra capital to further grow her business.

Odiete’s fashion pieces are primarily sold through its website, commerce stores and a few retail and distribution outlets, and she’s looking to partner with more retail outlets.

Mona Matthews

Mona Matthews is a Nigerian company founded by Monalisa Abimbola Azeh in 2002. The company produces hand-made shoes with matching bags for women, as well as high quality leather footwear for men. They create whatever shoe size a customer demands. Their styles are very fashion-forward and trendy.

The company offers bespoke services as well as ready-to-wear shoes and made out of the best quality materials available. Taking advantage of many exotic materials they have a wide variety of colors and styles, such as raw silk, satin, swarovski crystals and various types of leather.

T. T. Dalk

T. T. Dalk is a Nigerian-based fashion brand that is redefining the African footwear industry. It makes simple, trendy and elegant footwear for both men and women that appeal to a wide range of consumer tastes.

Temilade Osinfade is the founder and Creative Director at T.T Dalk. During his days at the university, he would draw out footwear designs on paper for local shoe craftsmen to make for him. His shoes and slippers caught the attention of other students and that’s how the T.T Dalk footwear business was born.

T.T Dalk is revolutionising the local footwear business in Nigeria and has been featured on several international fashion shows and runways. He primarily sells his shoes on online stores and a few boutique retail outlets in Nigeria’s major cities.

Haus of Hercules

Haus of Hercules is a footwear and accessories brand based in Lagos, Nigeria. It specialises in simple yet stylish and exquisite handmade shoes.

The HOH collection includes loafers, oxfords, brogues, toms and moccasins made from luxurious fabrics such as velvet and soft suede and traditional fabrics like denim, tweed and batik-patterned fabrics.

The brain behind Haus of Hercules is Christopher Jeje, a young Nigerian designer and entrepreneur. He started this impressive footwear business in 2010 with just over $30 in startup capital. Since then, HOH has showcased on fashion runways in Lagos, Accra and London.



March 1, 2018 | 12:21 am
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