NBL appeals to local taste buds with ACE Desire

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September 28, 2017 | 12:21 am
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Ifeanyi, 33, sauntered into his custom pub a street away from his office. It was 18:30. It was Friday. He is happy and needed to unwind before he rode in his Toyota Corolla back home to meet his charming wife and two daughters.

When the waitress, thin, delicately built but agile noticed he had leisurely walked in she also realised that is his mood, any time he wanted to experiment with something new. Would he be receptive to what she has to offer today? Bose, the waitress asked herself. But where are his friends?

As she continued to query herself, Ifeanyi’s mobile started ringing. He answered the call and waved at Bose to come. My friends are on their way here. What do you have? Perfect moment, Bose thought told herself.

Sir, she started. We have a new product from the Nigerian Breweries called ACE Desire. You will like it. It’s like your normal Zobo drink but mixed with some spirit. Ifeanyi, didn’t know what to think. True, he enjoys his larger beer but has lately been reminded by his wife to do something about his bulging stomach. Okay, he said let me have a bottle. Sounds like something that will help my situation.

He tasted, like it and introduced it to his friends when they arrived, four of them. However, only two liked it. They others preferred their usual brands, but agreed to taste it at a later, since it combines zobo, a local drink with spirits.

Ace Desire is a sophisticated blend of spirit and the zobo extracts which offers a tingling sensation because of the 5.5 percent alcohol by volume available in the 33cl bottle. The brand has always been informed by the need to satisfy the taste desire of the consumers as well.

The Ace Brand was launched in December 2004, with an apple flavoured alcoholic drink called Ace Passion stiffing competition in Nigeria’s Ready-to-Drink market.

According to Mordor Intelligence, a market research organisation, which supports every level of business, ready to drink food and drink industry in Nigeria is a fast growing sector and an important source of earnings for the nation. Domestic Ready to drink food Market, focuses on the development and enhancement of plants, factories and market (storage and distribution) in the country.

There has been a remarkable progress in the field of Ready to drink food in the past 5 years. Nigeria’s focus on improving Ready to drink food facilities has resulted in growth of Ready to drink food in the country.

With a population of over 185 million, Nigeria is one of the biggest economies in the world. Even though it is struggling it has been struggling economic recession since 2016; the country has per capita income of about USD 3,005. It also has a favorable demographic structure needed for its fast scaled growth. Ready to drink food Market is expected to grow at a cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.22 percent till 2022.

by Editor

September 28, 2017 | 12:21 am
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