EFCC official Twitter account and lessons for brands


March 2, 2017 | 10:56 am
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Some days ago, a follower of @officialEFCC, the official Twitter handle of anti-corruption agency, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) wanted to express gratitude to the agency for their approach in tackling corruption. The following conversation ensued:

“@officialEFCC kudos to guys, every reasonable Nigerians will praise you. More Greece to your elbow.”

The follower got a response from EFCC:

“Thank you… We are here to SERBiA #WeFightForYou.”

It is normal to attach the word “fun” to a Twitter handle that belongs to numerous private owned busineses but rarely a public law enforcement agency. But the official Twitter account of the anti-corruption agency, @officialEFCC, is an exception.

The conversation above got 1,436 retweets, 420 and 89 replies making it one of the most retweeted conversations of any public handle over the weekend.

The account @officialEFCC was created in 2013. Currently there are over one hundred and twenty-thousand followers making it one of the most followed handles of public agencies in Nigeria on the microblogging social network. So far it has 4,006 tweets to its credit.

But their lesson is not in the number of followers, it is first in taking time to provide timely and helpful response to almost every query from their followers. This is very important for brands and even law enforcement agencies. Today’s customers are turning to social media for their customer service needs but research has found that companies are not keeping up and about 80 percent of customer service queries are ignored. The reality is, you would not ignore a customer if they walked up or called a store. The same should apply to social media.

@officialEFCC not only provides response to feedbacks, they also follow up to ensure that certain level of understanding is derived. Many times we find customers who may not be satisfied with the first response we gave; hence they come back with more queries. Do not ignore, assuming they should have been satisfied with the first response. Sometimes in clarifying an issue, a suggestion might come up of what your brand you should be doing to get better. Furthermore, customers return after a positive experience.

The effective deployment of targeted content and responses laden with humour, pun, information and intelligence ensures that posts from the handle get total of 150 engagements on average.

The second is the quality of content. It is what savvy marketers strive and some companies can go the extra mile to bring on board whom they believe has the magic wand for quality content. However, a good look at the @officialEFCC timeline shows what quality content could be. It simply means providing information that matters to others. Quality content focuses on the goal and on the intent of the audience. It can also be justified as content that is not spam or overly promotional. A good number of bank brands on Twitter fall into the overly promotional category. Every tweet response must be promoting some new bank product. When a customer brings a complaint, the priority should be ensuring that complain is addressed to satisfaction. A complaint that was made publicly should also be addressed publicly. This will show other users that you did your best to fix the situation and they will be more likely to choose to work with you.

Furthermore knowing when to respond individually and when to respond to the group is very critical. For instance, you put out a question and you get responses from over 100 followers. You may not be able to respond to all 100 of them but in one post you can thank everyone for their contributions and use it as an opportunity to address general concerns that were raised.

It should also be noted that the language of responses is coherent and factually correct @officialEFCC. There is no bigger mistake that sets a brand backward than wrong spelling and unchecked facts. If the response you are about to provide cannot be substantiated with facts, do not give it.

Another thing to point out is the responses are not too officious or robotic. This is a challenge that most law enforcement handles face. Exhibiting some humanity does not make law enforcement weak. The Nigeria Police Force account, @PoliceNG is notorious for stern content and it almost never reply to queries from followers. This is despite the fact that the Force has newly commenced efforts to change its unpopular image tarnished by internal corruption. A little sense of humour and intelligence in responses could transform its over 396 thousand followers from inactive to a loyal supportive base for the Force.

Customers who reach out to you with a negative social comment are typically looking for you to acknowledge and help resolve their problem. But when you respond with an automated reply, you are sending a message that have not taken time to understand the issue and do not value the customer’s input.


March 2, 2017 | 10:56 am
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