WhatsApp to introduce the ability to delete sent messages


September 13, 2017 | 1:31 pm
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Have you ever sent a WhatsApp message you didn’t want to and spent hours agonizing over the message and how it would be received by the one to whom you have sent the message to?


WhatsApp has a new feature that helps you delete the message before the reader sees it.


With the new messaging client’s latest beta, you have a permanent solution to such mistakes.


There are reports that android users are currently testing this new feature with WhatsApp having turned on the dedicated recall server on its end. Since the feature is in beta, everyone else will have to wait a bit until it rolls out.


Regardless of how long it takes to roll out, however, the ability to recall messages will be incredibly useful for those prone to mistakenly sending out messages to the wrong people. Better yet, if you decide to recall your message, whatever you wrote is not displayed on the recipient’s notification area. Instead, the recalled message is displayed as, “This message was deleted.”


Who doesn’t want this? Quick show of hands.


Again, there is no timeline for when we expect the feature to roll out to the masses, but there is no denying that Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been hard at work with its messaging app. In the last two months alone, WhatsApp added picture-in-picture, colorful status updates, and the ability to message businesses, though picture-in-picture and the ability to message businesses are not available to the masses just yet.


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September 13, 2017 | 1:31 pm
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