Movie Review: Chips

by | April 21, 2017 12:05 pm

For all the action-comedy movie lovers this is the movie for you. The cast totally reminded me of Kevin Hart and his partner in Ride Along 2. Chips is a typical cop movie where an expert is tagged to a rookie to go on a mission.

The main actor was an FBI/CIA officer sent to a local police station to investigate numerous robbery incidents in the town. It was very funny and had a nice story-line with a lovely ending. The acts blended well into their roles making the movie look really good, interesting and exciting.

The 1hr 40mins action, comedy, and crime movie featured fantastic acts like Michael Pena, Dax Shepard, Jessica McNamee and many more. It was directed by Dax Shepard.

Chips started on a very interesting note showing us the rigorous process new police intakes have to go through before induction. There was an officer who was very good with riding motorbikes although he had undergone over 23 different surgical operations. He decided to be a cop in order to impress his wife and save his marriage. He thought if he joined the force, he might remind his wife of her father and she would come back. Unknown to him, she was already having an affair.

He finally got accepted after narrating his story and he wanted to impress his boss by all means doing everything right so he could be retained. He was paired with Dax who was an undercover federal investigator. Their first assignment was to fish out the cops who had corrupted the system by stealing from the banks. When he got there he studied everyone and some of them suspected him.

When the rogue officers decided to go on a final operation before checking out, he and his partner went along as undercover agents. The most exciting part of this movie was when one of the thieves were being chased and when one of the main officers’ son’s neck got chopped off by a twine.

To my verdict I would say that the movie deserves an 8/10 because it was interesting, exciting, and full of suspense, thrills, and action. The production, cast and storyline were also good. I laughed so hard, had fun and got value for my money.  I recommend this movie to all the comedy, action, and crime movie lovers. Go to the cinemas this weekend, relax and have a good laugh.

Chips is showing at Silverbird Cinemas across the country


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