Mutual Benefits Assurance positive about 2017 performance …holds Annual thanksgiving

by | January 24, 2018 12:21 am

Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc has celebrated its 22nd Annual Thanksgiving, to thank God for his power and sustenance in 2017, and also seeking his grace for 2018, while expressing optimism for successful performance in the out gone year.

The Company believes that God was instrumental its continued existence despite the challenges in the business environment, where many organisations that started out at the same time have either been consumed or gone into extinction.

Akin Ogunbiyi, group managing director of the Company who recounted how the company started many years ago, said the only thing we can give to God for his divine grace is thanksgiving. What we are doing today is to give praise to God as leading light for the success of the company.

He said, “Despite the series of recapitalizations , mergers and acquisitions and challenges in the business environment, the company is still waxing stronger.

“The success so far recorded is not by anybody’s making because the bible has established it and confirmed it with Mutual Benefits.

He added that Mutual Benefits was a project that took us two and half years with prayer and supplication before it started. In the course of that two and half years there was prophesies and revelations as to what was going to happen. And for God to remain this faithful  in all his words on the project called Mutual Benefits, who else can we give all the praises,  if not God who brought his words to past in Mutual Benefits.”

He said that the 2017 financial year was also good, “Despite the challenges, the company is back to profitability based on what we have seen from our unaudited result.”

Ogunbiyi further said that his optimistic that 2018 will be better despite is election year towards 2019 but assured that the company is in high spirit to harness the opportunities in the market.

Segun Omoshien, managing director, Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc  said “For us as an organisation, we believe there is a power which is above all other powers, which is GOD.  Yes, individually, we have put in our best, but in all nobody can claim the glory of God.” It is an annual event we take to say thank you for what he has done in the out gone year and also to ask for his grace in 2018.”

“For 2017, you know that the microeconomic environment went through some turbulent times which affected companies and businesses, and for us as a company, we shared from the challenges. However, despite the recession as was declared that time, as an organisation we were able to grow both our top line and our bottom line, and a growth of two digit is by no means a small, given our operating environment.

“Some organisations have not been able to come out of the crises, even to the extent of not being able to meet the expectation of their stakeholders. So that is why we are thanking God.