News looks to transform Africa’s two-wheeled taxis


June 13, 2018 | 1:08 pm
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Chinedu Azodoh, co-founder and CTO, Metro Africa Express (MAX).Photo Credit-Bar Baric, a ride hailing transport service provider, says it looks to transform Africa’s two-wheeled taxi services leveraging Max app, which provides a last mile delivery service option (MAX Now) using a 200cc motorcycle (MAX Go).

The app, which is readily available for IOS and Android devices, provides riders for on demand delivery. as a leading contender in the logistics and transportation service delivery sector has seen its service gain ground in the haulage business, making it deliver anywhere in Lagos in three hours or less, and also offer cash on delivery service.

Chinedu Azodoh, co-founder and CTO at in a recent interview on CNBC Africa said their focus has been on transporting people between the island and mainland.

“The reception has been massive, we are doing close to three thousand rides a day within Lagos alone. What we do predominantly is transport people from the mainland to the island and vice versa, so because we have taken the initiative to use Lagos state requirement of Motorcycle usage, we partner with companies like Bajaj to make high quality, stronger, safer 200cc or 220 cc motorcycles that can move freely on the highway.

However, he opined that pricing model is competitive when compared to other ride hailing services around the country. According to Azodoh, pricing is a key factor that has been factor into the business model. “It is not as cheap as a danfo but it is not as expensive as an uber or a taxify either, we charge by kilometers so getting from Yaba to VI could cost like 700-800 Naira rush hour or not, because reality is you would probably reach your destination the same time irrespective of the traffic situation,” said Azodoh. as a business entity however seeks to tackle the high unemployment rate in Nigeria by deploying its platform to aid young Nigerians to earn a living.

It is a given that employers are laying off staff at an alarming rate due to the prevalent economic situation of the country and are blaming the Nigerian government for failing to provide basic infrastructure that could largely increase employment generation and the general development of the country.

However, as a last mile logistics and transportation company has a mission to reduce the unemployment gap, and increase empowerment in Nigeria. “If you walk around the -streets of Lagos, a lot of young people walking around with their backpacks on their backs and you ask, where they are going, the reality is that there is also a massive homelessness problem and an inability to make end meets.

“Consequently, unemployment has affected every structure of the Nigerian society. It has divided many families, turned many into professional beggars and contributes to the dysfunction of both the education and religious institutions,” Azodoh stated.

It also stands to reason that there is a correlation between unemployed youth in the nation and varied heinous crimes.

In reality no one state is immune from the unemployment problem, but Lagos stands out as a model of how the situation could be solved. However, is collaborating with organisations like Bajaj and prowheels to train motorcycle riders and make them properly certified.

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June 13, 2018 | 1:08 pm
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