Nigeria fails to meet Indian $1bn demand worth of ‘pulses’


September 13, 2017 | 6:00 pm
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The Nigerian government has failed to meet $1bn demand of ‘pulses’‎ (edible seeds of plants in legume family) made by the Indian government,which also exposes opportunity for investment in the sector.
As a result,the Indian government has already announced plans to encourage Nigerian farmers to plant more pulses that would be exported to the country,as demands rises.
‎Azeez Olumuyiwa,the Director of Agri-Business and Marketing in the federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development told BusinessDay on the sidelines of training the ministry is currently offering to Air-force Personnel in Agriculture on Tuesday in Abuja ,that the ministry is prepared to offer support to the officers willing to undertake agri-business in pulse cultivation.
‎He said the demand for pulses is growing in India,as Nigeria government keeps getting demands from the government of India,without meeting the demands.
He suggested to the Air officers on training to embrace ‎crop cultivation due largely to its high demands in India,which is rich in protein content,and a good food for vegetarians.The food is also considered second most important constituent of Indian diet after cereals.

‎The key Nigerian states cultivating pulses include,Nassarawa,Bauchi,FCT,Kano,Sokoto,Kebbi,Maiduguri,and other Southern states across the country.

The Nigerian government is leading a campaign sensitisation in Agriculture‎ ,especially with growing concerns on set-dates by the United Kingdom,Chinan,Germany,Norway,Netherlands revealing of plans to put to stop fuel made cars,to promote better eco-system.

The population of India is close to a billion,and Nigeria could earn beyond $1 billion on pulse-legumes,which could be practically grown in virtually all the states in Nigeria because of Nigeria’s agro-ecological environment.
It would be noted that Nigeria’s population is growing rapidly but food production is not moving at the same pace,sparking fears of food insecurity with the rising population projected to be 450 million by 2050.



September 13, 2017 | 6:00 pm
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