Nigeria Breweries makes bold market statement

by | December 19, 2017 12:21 am

Nigerian Breweries is determined to continue to excite Nigerian consumers as it recently launched International premium Stella Lager Beer in to Nigerian market.

Stella Lager Beer, the company said is rich in its heritage, brewing process and taste. “It is a brand that stands on its own with the kind of appeal the market craves”. The launch of Stella Lager beer is part of an expansion strategy to further own the Nigerian market.

The Marketing Director, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Franco Maria Maggi, while commenting during the launch said:“Nigerian Breweries is consistent in its marketing of high quality brands. Our quality brands speak for themselves and this is why we are very optimistic about the acceptance this brand will receive on its arrival to the Nigerian market. It is unique, different and offers the best in quality.”

On why now, he added: “There is no better time to innovate than now.

Many of our other unique products arrived on the scene in the presence of predecessors, but still found their place and market and owned them. For Stella Lager Beer, I am confident that this will be no exception.”

“”Unconventional in its recipe, brewing process and taste, Stella Lager Beer is unique for its name, its great quality and its rich heritage. It delivers a refined and consistently smooth lager taste with intense refreshment and is the preferred choice for upwardly mobile, knowledgeable and confident young men with a genuine sense of self in a world buzzing with many loud and conflicting voices”.

Birthed in 1897 and crafted by Belgian Master Brewers, Stella Lager Beer is a product of a very innovative and unique brewing technique. “The finest malted barley, high quality hops, and the best quality water come together to make this new offering.  Stella Lager Beer is original in its recipe and brewing process”

Nigerian Breweries Plc has a sterling reputation of being a home of great brands. The largest brewing company in Nigeria, the brewery has its corporate headquarters at Iganmu House, Lagos, from where it serves the Nigerian market. The company has a portfolio of high quality brands, ranging from Alcoholic to non-alcoholic beverages.