Nigeria Immigration Service generated N35.7bn local revenue in 2017

by | April 19, 2018 5:08 pm

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) in 2017 generated N35,724,482,338.26 in 2017 as against N36,175,778,205.77 local revenue generated in 2016, said National Bureau of Statistics in its April 2018 report.


According to the report,statistics revealed  that the revenue dropped from N13, 361,621,621.77 in 2016 to N13, 173,254,969.00 in 2017.

This figure represent 0.97% difference from the previous figure recorded in 2016. While the number of Applicant during the period also dropped from 3,684,288 in 2016 t0 720,958 representing 80.43% drop.


On the heels of this development, Industry watchers  has attributed this shorfall in the figure  to the economy constraints which has slowed down the travelling power of citizens and caused some industrialists to look inward for their secondary materials instead of travelling to get them from foreign countries.


The report revealed further that  127,882 of the total figure are minor which represents 79.98% drop from 638,858 recorded in 2016, number of adults were 544,473 representing 80.76% drop from 2,829,964 recorded in 2016 and the remaining 48,603 are senior citizen which also dropped from 215,466 recorded in 2016.

A further breakdown shows that states that issued the highest number of passport were Lagos (254,897), Abuja (94,568) and Oyo (49,453). While the states with the lowest were Yobe (2629) followed by Nassarawa (2828).

A total of 152,163 passports were issued at the foreign missions in 2017 as against 172,824 issued in 2016 while the number of visa issuance at the foreign missions was put at 115,150 representing 11.95% negative growth and the number of lost and stolen passports re-issued in 2017 was put at 13,450.


The report also showed that immigration statistics for the period contained 237 cases of reported human trafficking, with 110 cases of interception, 4 cases of arrest and 10 cases of repatriation.


While the cases of irregular migrants for the period was 55,194 consisting of (31,672) number of Nigerians refused departure, (2267) Nigerians refused entry abroad, (18,543) foreigners refused entry into Nigeria, (2626) foreigners repatriated and 66 stowaways respectively.