Scratch cards can help Nigerian Smallholder farms buy inputs


February 23, 2018 | 2:38 pm
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One way to ameliorate the plight of smallholder farmers and ensure that fertilizers and seeds get to them on their farms in the rural area is through the use of scratch cards.

The use of the scratch cards facilitates incremental payment towards the future receipt of agricultural inputs like seeds and fertilizers.

Since farmers already know how to use the mobile phones and SMSs, they can purchase a scratch card from a local operator not far from where they live.

According to myAgro, an award-winning social enterprise working in Mali and Senegal, with the mission to help small scale famers move out of poverty, the advantages of the scratch cards includes transparency.

Analysts at myAgro say unlike the mobile money platforms, which often feature complicated fee structure, scratch cards make it clear to the farmer that the value of the cards she purchased is the amount she needs to pay and farmers keep the card as evidence.

However, the scratch cards system which is a form of Digital Financial Service (DFS)- whose primary objective is to allow farmers access to banks, microfinance institutions and other financial institutions- has some inherent shortfalls such as how to use mobile technology and atimes trust.

Policy makers Nigeria should tap into this model (scratch cards) as farmers keep large sums of money at home not minding the risk associated with theft and the temptations to spend on impulse. Rural dwellers are not used to having their monies banked compared with the Nigerians that live in the cities.

Government can collaborate with telecommunications service providers like the MTN, Glo and Etisalat on these projects.

According to the World Bank, an estimated 500 million smallholder farming families-representing more than 2 billion people rely on varying degrees on agricultural production for their livelihoods.


February 23, 2018 | 2:38 pm
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