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Travelstart Nigeria unveils affordable flight booking system

by Justice Godfrey Okamgba

March 22, 2015 | 12:00 am
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Travelstart Nigeria, a leading airline agency has continued to revolutionise the travel industry with the recent launch of an online flight booking solution system called “neXt”, a platform which provides convenience and flexibility for purchasing air tickets and booking of flights by customers.

The online platform neXt, which was unveiled in Lagos, is simply an end-to end booking system and management solution for airline customers that intend to book for flight tickets online through a neXt agent.

The platform provides avenue for young ambitious Nigerians to become neXt agents that will assist prospective customers to purchase flight tickets and get commissions depending on the number of transactions.

“There are no complications in the process or any qualification required for anybody to explore this wonderful opportunity. Becoming a neXt agent for Travelstart is very simple and transparent of which a start up fee is not required. All that is needed is a laptop and internet connection”, said Lillian Obinna-Igwe, country manager, Travelstart Nigeria.

The platform, according to her, has been successfully launched in nine countries and offers a small scale and medium enterprise, an opportunity most Nigerian youths are craving for due to the growing unemployment in Nigeria. “The quota of Travelstart

Nigeria is ensuring that vibrant and ambitious youths get involved in something meaningful”, Lillian said.

Before any prospective neXt agent gets endorsed or start booking tickets for customers, such person must sign up to www.nextgen,travel to fill all needful information to ensure that all necessary information pertaining to neXt agents is embedded in the database for authenticity.

Earlier in her presentation,Odette Faling, gobal sales & marketing manager-NeXt,  explained that ‘NeXt’ is an end-to-end booking solution for travel agents who wish to sell flight tickets through a simple easy to use booking management system.

“NeXt provides cutting edge technology for agencies who want to grow their business by using this e-booking platform to book flights by offering them best negotiated fares”, She noted.

“The ‘NeXt’ platform is while some of its instant benefits include access to Travelstart’s best negotiated fares; tickets issues; multiple payment options among others.It is simple to understand airfare rules and reliable, ‘NeXt’ is tablet and mobile friendly while it also combines GDS/LCC when booking across list of multiple suppliers”, Odette said while enumerating some of the benefits of ‘NeXt’.

“Travelstart is an innovative travel agency that was specifically established for emerging markets where customer service and value is not fully observed. We are bent on offering essential and affordable services to the customers”, said Anthony Orji, sales executive, Travelstart Nigeria.

According to him, this is an opportunity for young Nigerians to start up their own business without any capital. It is all about getting a laptop, internet connection and signing up to the website. The platform is so transparent that all the transactions and commissions are being displayed on the website, he added.

Anthony said “the platform is reliable cutting edge technology which makes it affordable for and convenient for customers. On the part of the agent, 100 percent commission is guaranteed.

Justice Godfrey Okamgba

by Justice Godfrey Okamgba

March 22, 2015 | 12:00 am
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