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Nigerians need to believe in the country for any meaningful change to happen – Apostle Oluwafemi


November 5, 2017 | 3:14 am
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Apostle Olusesi Oluwafemi is the Youth Fellowship president of Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church, Ayo Ni O, Amazing Grace District. He was the prayer coordinator in the University of Lagos Cherubim and Seraphim Student Fellowship Unification for 2007/2008 session. In this interview with SEYI JOHN SALAU, Oluwafemi speaks on the church and the need for the youth to believe in Nigeria as they build their trust in God.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo recently challenged the church and its leadership to speak up against corruption. What role do you think the church leadership can play in the fight against corruption?
Religious leaders have a lot to do to support government in fighting corruption through their teachings and prayers. To win the war on corruption is not as easy as it is being said, but as religious leaders they must take advantage of their position to stand and speak for truth. They should stop celebrating corrupt people in their churches by dressing them with titles they didn’t work for. They must preach the word of God rightly because the word stands to reprove and correct our life unto the path of righteousness. Whatever input and output, publicly or secretly, they add to this great nation in supporting government to fight corruption will be judged by God.

Christians are often accused of running after miracles while ignoring the teachings of the word. What is your view on this?
It is no longer an argument that Christians run after miracles, it is what we see day-to-day on the media. Pastors take advantage of people’s weakness in God to lure them for programmes. Miracles happen but not according to how they seek it. Those that experience miracles are people who have invested so much in God, by their service, seed sowing, rendering help to the needy, prayer, faith, and by diligently seeking God. People should stop looking around for miracles, but should work out their personal faith in God, and then they will see God moving into their situations and proving his supremacy in every situation.

Following the incessant attacks on churches across the country, do you think it is time we rethink the security of our places of worship?
By ratio, the attack on church and clerics happen majorly in northern part of the country due to the idea and belief system of the religion out there. What the South-East, South-West and South-South experience mainly are kidnappers and robbers who invade churches. The security system that will apply in the North will be different from the other regions of the country. If churches value the lives of their members, then maximum security should be in place at all times to protect their flocks.

Do you think the time is right for Nigeria to restructure?
Yes, restructuring in security systems as a nation. Nigerians are panicking, foreign investors are no longer safe, the youth have lost confidence in their leaders, no regard for our judiciary system, armed robbers, kidnappers and ritualists are taking territories. Our lives as a people are under siege, we can no longer walk freely in this country. In restructuring our security system, local security agencies should be introduced to different communities. We should reinforce security personnel to schools, and our armed forces and the police should have a maximum security watch to monitor and checkmate them from time to time if they discharge their duties accordingly. Our judiciary should be on security watch to know if the law system is well practiced, not on favouritism. Maximum security watch should be in place to balance and checkmate our political/elected leaders in offices to curb their extravagant life and make them work.

What is your advice for the youth in the church?
Teachings on the pulpit are not to appeal but rather to encourage and admonish every youth to know that every journey with God is a process. Life itself is a process, while success is also a process. Whatever doctrinal standard a church has built, if it is rooted in the word of God, it can never be broken but can be revisited for amendment. To make a system work in a church, it can never be done on the spot just the way the youth would want it, but as a process. The youth should know that patience will take them there and with perseverance through the knowledge of God’s word and by the leading of the Holy Spirit, they will achieve the best. However, I think vision and belief are missing from these younger generations. What do they see about Nigeria, and do they believe in what they see? If you do not see anything good in a country, how then do you want to believe in the country? We as a people, especially the youth, must change our belief system about this great country or else we will not see the beauty and all the opportunities we ought to enjoy.

Finally, what is your wish for Nigeria?
My wish for this great country as we go through this trying moment in our history is to see the kingdom of God being established in Nigeria. Our dying resources should be resurrected, our national value should come back to life, hunger and joblessness should be eradicated. I pray for this nation that as heaven and earth remain, every power standing against this nation will be rendered useless. Great God with great grace will rescue this nation.


November 5, 2017 | 3:14 am
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