Stakeholder says facilities management on downward trend

by | November 16, 2017 4:53 pm

Nwando Chukwurah, Managing Director of Total Facilities Management Nigeria Limited said on Tuesday in Abuja that facilities management in the country is on the downward trend, hindering critical national and private assets in the country.
She made the remarks at the signing of the partnership agreement with Max-Migokd Limited. The partnership agreement is geared towards ensuring that both organisations train Nigerians with required skills and knowledge needed to stand out as qualified facilities managers that will be recognized worldwide.

Chukwurah expressed concerns that many facilities in the country has experienced depreciation in value both those owned by government and private individuals due to lack of proper facility management adding that their services is aimed at filling the gaps identified in managing facilities in the country.

She said, “The country has experienced so much loss in the value of facilities due to lack of facility management hence our activities is aimed at filling the gaps identified in managing these facilities within the country”.
In his earlier response, Paul Erubami, managing Director, Max-Migold Ltd explained that the partnership is aimed at bringing the facility management skills to everyone adding that the services are offered to both Clients and other facility management Companies.
He stressed that participants will be trained on Strategy for Facility Management,  Facility Management Operations, Facility Maintenance Management, Workforce Productivity, Facility Management Masterclass amongst others.