BusinessDay reader donates N153, 000 to taxi-driver

by | April 20, 2017 12:34 am

Akinlolu Abiodun, a taxi-driver in Lagos, has received N153, 000 donation from an anonymous BusinessDay reader to fix his car and send his children back to school.

The father of three was featured in this section of Thursday, April 6, 2017, where he lamented that feeding his family and fixing his yellow car, which fetched him enough money to cater for his family, were his greatest worries.

The taxi-driver told BusinessDay earlier that life has been pretty tough for his family since August 2016 when he had an accident with his car. Abiodun, who currently drives another person’s car and remits N12, 000 to the owner on a weekly basis, told BusinessDay that most days he went home with nothing.

‘‘Most times, I can stay three days without making any money because it’s only when they car is parked in one place that people get to know it’s a taxi since it’s not painted yellow,’’ Abiodun told BusinessDay earlier.

Apart from repairing his car and putting food on the family’s table, the taxi-driver said he also had his children’s tuition fees and house rent to worry about.

He said, ‘‘Since August 2016, my children have not been to school because of my inability to pay their school fees. My wife sold food items at Ikotun but we have used all the money for feeding, so she’s not doing anything at the moment. Even the landlord has been angry because our house rent has expired.’’

Presenting the donation of N153, 000 to the beneficiary last Thursday, Anthony Osae-Brown, editor of BusinessDay, advised him to make good use of the money.

The taxi-driver who could barely hide his joy thanked the kind-hearted donor for the wonderful gift and BusinessDay for the opportunity given to him.

Abiodun said, ‘‘I’m very happy and grateful to God for bringing such a person to help me in this my time of need. I pray that God will bless her and do more for her than she has done for me’’

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