Trader in need of capital to restart business

by | May 18, 2017 12:45 am

Name:  Oluwabukolami Ajibola

State of Origin: Ondo State

Dependants: Three children

Business: I used to sell food items but the business has crumbled. I no longer have money to continue the business.

Profit: When I was in the foodstuffs business, I made little profits which I contributed to the upkeep of my family. The responsibility of taking care of the children fell on my shoulders when my husband left us. I had to pay their tuition fees, rent and we had to eat as well. Before long, the business crumbled but I’m glad I was able to train two of my children who are done with their secondary school education.

School fees: This is not much of a problem right now because my first two children are done with their secondary school education. I moved my third child who is now in SS1 to a government school. So, I don’t have to worry my head over paying tuition fees like I did before. All there is to bother myself about is money for his books which does not bore a hole in my pocket.

House rent: My rent expired last year but, my landlord gave me quit notice when I couldn’t renew and that notice has elapsed. My landlord wants to threw me out of the house at the moment but, I’m still pleading with him to let me stay while I look for how to pay him what I owe but he refused.

Survival strategy: We practically live at the mercy of others. Sometimes, we get hand-outs from church members and relatives but it’s not enough to start a small business. The country is hard at the moment and those hand-outs are getting thinner by the day. Some people don’t give anymore because they say what they have no longer enough for them. Most times, we make do with the little we have.

Challenges: I really want to restart my foodstuff business. Although, patronage is not encouraging some days, it’s still a lucrative business. With the proceeds, I can foot my bills and take adequate care of my family.   


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