Probity Farms introduces app to increase yield per hectare

by Josephine Okojie

August 23, 2017 | 12:11 am
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Two Nigerian entrepreneurs have developed a state of the art app to help farmers manage their daily farm activities and broaden their knowledge base with the aim of increasing their current yield per hectare of various crops.

According to Olushola Ogunniyi, co-founder and CEO, Probity Farms, the new technology is a simple-to-use farm management app to help farmers manage both the day-to-day activities of the farm and the business-side of their operations.

Ogunniyi stated that farmers can use the application across the value chain of all their farming activities.

“We understand that there are two sides to running successful farming; the business side and the technical side. However, many farmers today lack the professional and business skills needed to manage these two farm operations successfully,” said Ogunniyi during a recent press briefing with journalists in Lagos.

“Our pilot farmers depended on our simple dashboard to solve these important needs. After creating their farm profiles, they can easily capture all activities on the farm, from crop production, livestock production and farm economics”, Ogunniyi  said.

He stated that the app will enable farmers measure and track every activity on the farm, thereby enabling them plan better and make sound decision and not just guess work or native intelligence and also utilize the platform to communicate, learn, share knowledge, and build their relationship with other farmers.

Giving further insight into the use of the app, Ogunniyi said, that the solution is divided into 7 core offerings based on our assessment of the needs of small holder farmers.

The CEO said that using the tool will help operators keep farm records and all farming data in one place in order to get real-time insight to livestock and crop activities, manage sales, expenses and cash flow to ensure the health of the farm finances.

According to him, the data generated from the information supplied by the farmer makes it easy to work with insurance, banks and accountants or their financial providers for assessments.

Ogunniyi stated that the app is also an e-commerce market place for farmers to sell their farm produce, lease or sell agricultural equipment’s.  He noted that the app is designed as a business listing site where farmers can list their produce online and off-takers can connect with them, stressing that the online forum will help farmers seek expert opinion on farming issues.

“The pest weed and diseases report alarms warn you if your crops are at risk,” he said.

Ogunniyi also revealed that the organisation is developing a real-time farm produce pricelist across the six major markets in the country.

“We are currently working with our partner to make wholesale market rates of products available to farmers to assist them in getting the best prices for their products in the marketplace. The price chart would be updated every-day with data sourced different markets in the country,” the CEO said.

He stated that the app has opportunity to help determine test and analysis, saying with a very affordable hardware being currently developed with their partners to evaluate the soil condition for the 13 nutrients required for plant growth, water, sunlight, pH amongst others and analyse the data in order to understand the appropriate nutrient to apply to improve the crop yields per hectare.

Josephine Okojie

by Josephine Okojie

August 23, 2017 | 12:11 am
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