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New Fiat sets benchmark against rivals


May 31, 2017 | 12:31 am
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Weststar Associates Limited last week in Lagos started another evolutionary journey in the history of Nigeria’s automotive business with the unveiling of the all-new, freshened up Fiat luxury sedan as a precursor to what car freaks are to expect in the coming year there-by sending strong signals to competitors from the Fiat family.

The latest Fiat model unveiling is perceived in the market place as a sign for rivals to brace up for a fresh challenge in the already saturated market where it is seeking for improved individual and fleet customers’ patronage.

In his remarks before the veil was pulled off the the new Fiat Tipo, Mirko Plath, Managing Director/CEO of Weststar Associates Limited stated that,  noted that bringing Fiat back home into the Nigerian market positions it as a product that thoroughly satisfies and excites despite the present economic circumstances and the challenging times.

‘’Fiat is finally here in Nigeria and we very excited about it, it is no longer a dream, it is a reality. This Italian brand promises to match the superior standards set by all the other brands we represent here in Nigeria’’. Mirko Plath stated.

‘’today we have started an evolutionary journey by taking one more step in our business as earlier announced in the year, we have listened to our customers and we have – after many months of planning, research and business meetings, finally completed this extraordinary task to make a dream come true especially in the Nigerian market’’. The managing director added.

The Italian heritage is seen in the Fiat Tipo especially with its unique attributes such as versatility, large interior space and compact exterior dimensions and is of the models to carry the coveted name of which nearly two million were produced from 1988 to 1995. It bagged the first “Car of the Year” award in 1989.

The new Fiat Tipo which comes with a starting price of M8.9 million, with two years manufacturer’s warranty or 60,000 kilometers whichever comes first offers high appeal as it comes with a vast variety of standard options. Its Italian heritage promises comfort, quality and versatility.

In his presentation, Stavros Diamantidis, General Manager, FCA Group, Weststar Associates Limited, expressed optimism that the Fiat models which has started its evolutionary journey with the Tipo sedan will do very well in Nigeria. 

‘’It provides a better alternative to other brands in that segment both in terms of design, performance and pricing. We are thrilled about this development as Nigerians can now enjoy real value for their money. With the Fiat-Tipo, you do not need much to get a lot. Thus, it serves as a wonderful option for Nigerians even as we have already put in place, an excellent maintenance culture offered by our aftersales team.”

Fiat is a major brand from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group. The formal merger between Fiat and Chrysler Group carries on the tradition of two historic automakers with Fiat founded in 1899 and Chrysler founded in 1925.

Together the two auto makers created a stronger alliance to produce cars that are more revolutionary. As the largest automobile manufacturer in Italy, the acronyms “FIAT” stands for Fabrica Italiano Automobili Turino.

Born over a century ago, the brand has acquired a long history that includes war, automotive innovation and international conquest. Fiat was also involved in the manufacturing of military vehicles, machinery and commercial vehicles for the Italian Army and Regia Aeronautica.

By the 1950s, FIAT resumed full car manufacturing thus, strongly benefitting from the Italian economic boom thereby putting four million Italians on the road with its famous two-cylinder FIAT 500.

The brand also expanded its offerings to the U.S, rebuilding many of its former operations in the States. From that point on, the products became popular roadsters in the U.S., especially among young Americans; a trend that continues to this day.

The brand has since then grown to become one of the most esteemed car brands in Europe and in the US as it has won the “Europe Car of the Year” more times than any other car brand. This is one of the reasons why we believe Fiat presents the right platform for the Nigerian market.

 ‘’For all of us at Weststar, we are motivated to provide the best variety of automobile brands and this is why we relentlessly work towards delivering impeccable sales and aftersales services to our customers’’. Mirko Plath stated.



May 31, 2017 | 12:31 am
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