10 ways to improve the google ranking of your website

by Tessa Doghor

June 12, 2018 | 5:05 pm
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Credit: Search Engine Land

The rules of Google keep changing.

Updating can be hectic. With the advent of the digital age, everyone wants to know what the traffic passing through their website looks like. The advertisers want to know if enough people will see their content. They want quick responses and yes, sometimes you get this. Sometimes you don’t get sales, all you get is traffic.

Here are SEO tactic to improve your website.

Bear in mind though that the most important factor to focus on is the content.

Below are the steps you should focus on to ensure that you have good ranking or are in good standing with Google.

  • Write great headers

Great headers attract people to read your content. Your content might be fantastic but if your heading is not good, you will not get the traffic flow you deserve. It is pretty much like having a good CV but no one can see it.

  • Stay away from “stuffing”

Don’t write anything that is unnecessary. Be as detailed as possible without going for ‘overkill’.

  • Optimise your keywords for many channels

When you optimise your keyword, you get to be visible across many platforms, somewhat like using hashtags on Instagram.

  • Write good meta content

Use the meta content box to describe your content. Let the readers know what they can find. This is the content that displays in the search and helps people visit your website. Be intentional about the words for the meta content

  • Be unique

Let your writing voice come out. There are too many copies on the internet and everyone is looking for something original.

  • Include citations

Citations are like saying the source of the information you are sharing. It helps to improve credibility. Always give credit.

  • Have high word counts

Write more than 500 words at least. You can push it to a thousand words but only if you have enough content and value to give. Avoid repetitions.

  • Make sure all of your content is well written

Write everything proper. Use the right context.

  • Earn great links

Scrutinise your guest posts. Keep guest posters as close to your niche as possible. Have a bio attached to your guest posts. You could also add a picture and a way for people to reach your guest poster. When your readers gain value and your guest posters gain value, the value of your blog/website rises.

  • Post often and consistently

Post often. Do not post something nice and then disappear. Post great content. Provide great value. The sky is your limit.


Tessa Doghor is a social media manager in Lagos who blogs at, you can connect with her on @tessadoghor



by Tessa Doghor

June 12, 2018 | 5:05 pm
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