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5 benefits of journaling For women, mothers in business

by Detola Amure

February 16, 2017 | 5:19 pm
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Journaling is a powerful concept that I feel is currently under utilised. I started journaling as a child but only began to discover it’s tremendous benefits as an adult especially as a working mother. Being able to record my progress in life both mentally and spiritually has opened my eyes to living a more intentional life.

As the late Jim Rohn once said, “A life worth living is a life worth recording.” A journal can be used in a number of different ways. Personally, I do quite a few different things in a journal I recently created but before I tell you about that let me share 5 benefits why you should keep a journal especially as a business owner.

You start your day with a sense of contentment. By writing out what you are thankful for you you will start your day with happiness and contentment. When you focus on what you have (abundance) and not on what you do not have (lack) you attract more of it
You have the ability to track your goals and your intentions on a daily basis. When you write down your goals and track the action steps that are being taken towards them, it is a sure path to success. You will begin to notice patterns on days you achieve more compared to days when you do little. This will help pinpoint areas of growth so you know what to work on to maintain consistent progress.
You are able to get rid of overwhelm. Because the brain is so complex, we often have a hard time juggling so many thoughts throughout our day, and end up feeling overwhelmed & stressed, lacking clarity, or simply unable to process the various information or thoughts and ideas floating in our mind. Journaling helps you see on paper what is on your mind and you can process what you need to work on now and what you can do later.
It will bring more clarity for your business. Writing your business vision and goals will help to solidify ideas that start out as abstract thoughts. As you perfect your journaling skills, your focus will become laser–sharp. You’ll be able to take on opportunities that are right for your business, and won’t waste time with those that aren’t.
You will begin to experience success even before it happens. By applying a technique called “Rehearsal practice” you no longer have to ‘wing it’ in meetings, negotiations and presentations. You can use your journal to script out your next business deal or meeting. Imagine how the meeting will go and write down what you’ll say, what the other parties’ reactions will be, and exactly what the outcome will be. This is a powerful tool that successful people use. This practice isn’t magic but actually biblical (Habakkuk 2:2) — the process of writing down exactly what you want to happen prepares you to say the right things and do the right actions to attract what you desire.

Above all a great reason to keep a journal is that you will always Live Amazed at the astounding things God is doing in your life. You are no longer living a mediocre life but a life full of excitements & trust even when there are challenges.

In the Living Amazed Journal, a journal I created, targeted towards working women and those in business, I have provided guided prompts to help you write out what you are grateful for, what you intend to achieve that day, your declaration for the day, your prayer requests and answered prayers.

There is also space to write out some of what I mentioned above e.g. rehearsal practice.

To know more about the journal go here: For those based in Nigeria and will like a copy please contact our Nigerian Distributor Titi Olateju on

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by Detola Amure

February 16, 2017 | 5:19 pm
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