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Get 50,000 followers on Twitter

by Tessa Doghor

January 18, 2017 | 1:53 am
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You start from somewhere. Whether zero, 30 or 50 followers, determine to start growing your Twitter followers. Be consistent in tweeting.

If your target is once a day, tweet once a day. You can set any schedule you please, but ensure you stick to tweeting once a day and you will start growing on Twitter.

Create a target niche:

Stick to the things you love to do or your passion. If you are a CEO, you can start your Twitter account and get the honest feedback you are always looking out for, and get opportunities from Nigeria, West Africa, UK, US or Lebanon. Suddenly the doors of communication are thrown open. If you are a painter, you can tweet art in appropriate sizes. If you are a small business owner, you can tweet your values and company culture. If you are a corporate brand like BusinessDay Media, you can tweet your news and content relevant to the interest of your followers. You can tweet your products, your events or quotes, and streamline your choice of content to the type of social community you are interested in building. You can also get relevant feedback on your brand and products from your customers.

Always consider how much value your community would be getting out of staying connected to you and feed that appetite for content that they have or develop because they started following your brand.

What are the rules or the steps to follow to attract 50,000 followers on Twitter? Are you new or Twitter? Or did you join twitter a while ago but never for the hang of it?

Statistics show that 47% of people who follow brands are more likely to connect by clicking through to your company’s website. 72% of followers are more likely to make a future purchase. 85% of Twitter users feel more connected to a Social Media Brand after they begin following them.

Any digital compliant company wants more followers. They don’t want Linda Ikeji’s followers or Audu Maikori’s followers. They want followers who will find their content useful and necessary for the business that they do. Why should  you want more followers?

To increase your reach
You want more people to interact with your brand, and more people will see your tweet get active on Twitter.


To increase your traffic
Increasing your traffic is important so that you can get targeted views of people who will be interested in your products/service. The more people who see your brand, the more click throughs you will have on your website.
Sign ups

When someone signs up on your website, it is an indication that your content was interesting, informative and useful to them. They might be interested in buying your products or can recommend you to some other individual or company who is interested in buying your products.


As signups increase, your sales funnel will become larger and increase the possibility of making sales.


Word of mouth
You will have more people talking about your brand on the social media space.


How Do We Get More Followers?
Get a logo specifically 400 X 400 in dimensions pixels (Use Paint to measure the picture). Use keywords relevant to your brand in your bio so you can appear in the Twitter search. Include a cover image that shows off what you do, specifically 1500 X 500 in dimensions. Pin an eye-catching tweet to the top of your stream so that when people visit they will be entranced enough to follow your brand.


Optimize Your Tweets. How Do You Do This?

Tweet often.
No bursts except it is a tweet chat or twitter marathon (I use Hootsuite). Use hashtags to categorize your tweets so they show up in twitter search, help build followers and increase retweets. It also helps you to find a past tweet. For example, if you search #BDPoll  it brings up the list of BD Polls that have been done in all the history of Twitter. Use images to increase tweet visibility and engagements. The dimensions of the pictures should be 876 X 438. Images in your tweets are sometimes the difference between having 400 impressions and 10,000 impressions. Use images or videos in your tweet as often as possible. Use url shorteners to shorten your link and check the results.
Shorten your link so your tweet can appear as attractive as possible.


Share Good Content.
Start a blog/website in your niche market. Write content that shows what your company does. Write fortnightly or every week. Curate content from other blogs. tick to content in your niche market. Tweet motivational or inspirational quotes. Stick to inspiration or motivation that your target market will find encouraging or relevant. Always tailor content to suit your niche market.


Optimise Your Website And Other Marketing Tools
Add share buttons to your website and your blog and include your twitter handle. Include a link to your twitter handle on all outgoing mail, make it easy for people to find you. Ask people to follow you on other social media channels, show them what they would benefit


Be proactive
Use tools to follow brands in your niche or brands you can offer a service for or that need your services. Monitor twitter from mentions of your brand name, someone could be spread false information about your brand. Start conversation by replying to mentions. Be gracious, thank people who share your post. Be polite, engage with influencers with something for them to gain and something for you to gain too.


Keep your focus on things/facts that influence your followers except you don’t want retweets. Don’t buy fake followers; they will never add value to your business, however tempting it may look to be able to present false statistics to your advertisers. Use only one or two hash tags, too many make you look spammy and may get your tweets ignored. Don’t forget to tag brands and people you mention, you may get a like, a retweet to their millions of followers and a reply so you know your brand caught their attention.

Use your budget to generate genuine engagement and mutiply your growth across all the social media platforms.


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Tessa Doghor is a social media manager who blogs on practical ways to grow your community and all things digital marketing at

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by Tessa Doghor

January 18, 2017 | 1:53 am
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