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How I’ve managed to remain relevant – Alariwo


November 3, 2018 | 3:34 pm
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How I’ve managed to remain relevant – Alariwo
Rotimi Martins, popularly known as Alariwo of Africa is one musician who has managed to remain relevant over the years despite the high influx of musicians and entertainers in the entertainment industry in the country.
In a recent chat with Bliss on the phone recently, the musician would relate his relevance to hard work and being consistent in the industry.
“Relevance is something people manage. If you don’t know how to manage your celebrity status, it would go down like a pack of cards. I am a PR person and I was a broadcaster before I went into music so I know that relevance is key for me. No matter what happens, on needs, a USP to remain relevant. My USP is that I have to be at the right places at the right time and make sure that I am doing what is supposed to be done to maintain my celebrity status.
“I attend events that I have been invited and I don’t attend the ones I have not been invited to. But if I feel the event is important to my brand, I buy my ticket and attend. Some people are not celebrities but they are still relevant in their field. Consistency is the key to relevance.”
Music wise, Alariwo has yet to release any song in recent times but he claimed it was not because the younger ones came and took over the scene.
“No younger one took over the scene. The young ones are doing what they are doing. Everything has its time and season and when God says this is your time for you to push then you push. I am still in the music business but I am doing what I studied in school and it is Public Relations.  Eighty-five percent of these young ones don’t have passion for music.  They have the passion for the name and the money. But I have passion for music. If the time is right for me to come back, I will come back and I will do my music. I am still relevant because I have a lot of things I am doing.”
Alariwo said if he would come back to music after all, he might not go into the brand of music being peddled at the moment.
“It is not as if I can’t do it but my kind of music is unique. Some of them are now calling their brand of music afrobeats. No. What they are doing is afro hip-hop. We have ‘musitainers’, entertainers and musicians in the country. It is just about 10 per cent of them that are musicians. Sixty-five per cent are ‘musitainers’ and the rest are entertainers.  A musician must learn how to perform with a live band and not performing with a live band and a CD playing at the background. That is a no. We played live band and anytime I was on stage, I arrested my crowd.
“Then again, most of them are too fake for my liking. They claim they have bought houses in Lekki and the next day, they are being given a quit notice by their landlords. I don’t claim what I don’t have. The enmity among them is also annoying. Most of them also have this, ‘I have made it and I don’t need to give you respect’ attitude. The industry is polluted but then, they are making us proud internationally. Our music is known everywhere.”
Also known for his love for wearing African fabrics, Alariwo said he would still not be caught dead not wearing any African item in his ensemble.
“I am Alariwo of Africa and I will not deviate from that direction. Worst case scenario, I could wear an English shirt on native pants or native shirt on English pants. I can’t change my concept. I have been doing it for close to 27 years. That is the way I am. There must be an African fabric or design infused in what I am wearing. That is my identity and it has to remain there.”
At the moment,  Alariwo is consulting for Oyo State government on Pacesetter entertainment Award which started last year.
“We call it PERA.  We celebrate indigenes and residents of Oyo State who have made indelible mark in their chosen field. The second edition is coming in December. I  am the consultant to the state’s military of culture and tourism as regards the award.”
Separating from my husband was a difficult decision – Anita, former MBGN
The internet went agog few days ago when former  Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Anita Uwagbale, posted on her social media handle that her  marriage has broken up.
In her post, the former beauty queen said separating from her hubby, Tom Iseghohi, was a difficult decision to make.
She said, “Following our almost 15 years relationship as well as a lot of recent thought and careful consideration, I have made a difficult decision to separate from my husband. We are still a family and will always be loving, dedicated parents to our three lovely children.”
While adding that she was not going to talk more about the break up, Anita said, “I won’t be commenting beyond this and I thank you all in advance for respecting the privacy of our young children and of our family. Love and respect from us to all of you.”
Anita won the coveted MBGN crown in 2004 and got married to Tom, a former Transcorp boss in 2008.


November 3, 2018 | 3:34 pm
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