Movie Review: Idahosa Trails

by Linda Ochugbua

November 13, 2017 | 4:47 pm
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Idahosa was a movie based on a true life story of the great man of God Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa. He did great works and exploits while he was alive and he is famous for confronting top witches and cults. The movie portrayed his life and how he went about doing well. It displayed how he started and his first works of miracle. It also talked about his books and how they had touched lives. The angle and twist which the movie took was absolutely touching and inspiring. Growing up I had heard a lot about this great man, but I had no clue how great he really was till I saw this movie.


Mr. Stanlee Ohokhuare the executive director of this movie was clear and explicit in telling this story. He made the story look so real that on some occasion we felt like it was Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa speaking again to us, he used his voice in some parts of the movie. His choices of actors and background theme songs made the movie really convincing and inspiring, one that could make you cry. True life stories well told always has a way of touching lives.


“Idahosa” as this beautiful movie is titled is about a great man of God who was born to a very noble family in the great Benin City Kingdom in Edo state. Shot in the inner environs of Benin, the beauty of the ancient city was on full display.

The people lived a communal life and they also had an Oba that controlled some of their rural village activities, that is why till date it is still called the Great Benin Kingdom.

Mr. Osas one of the lead actors was assigned to meet and take Mr. Thomas Book around for a few days as he carried out his research on the great man of God Benson Idahosa who had seen appear to him in a dream on several occasions, while he lived in the US. He had travelled all the way to search for him, believing that if he interviewed this great man of God, the story on returning to the US could change his journalism career for ever as he was at a declining point.


One day, in one his sleep walking incidences, Thomas left the balcony door open and his 1 year old baby crept out of bed and fell off the balcony. He didn’t make it and for this, Thomas’ wife left. He has a severe health challenge. His main mission to Nigeria was to meet Benson Idahosa for a great story that would change his life forever, but what he found out during this trip was what actually changed his life forever.


Cast: David Schifter, Kunle Idowu, Osas Ighodaro Ajibade, Liz Benson- Ameye, Adedamola Akapo Patrick, Harry Dole.
Genre: Drama
Director: Stanlee Ohikhuare
Runtime: 107 mins


See a preview of the movie:


To my verdict I would say that this movie deserves an 8/10, the storyline was great, they had a good production, interesting and intriguing actors and a beautiful location. I must commend the director of this movie. True life stories like this well-acted inspire and touch lives of people. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who really wants to want a real movie with a story.
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Linda Ochugbua

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by Linda Ochugbua

November 13, 2017 | 4:47 pm
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