Deborah remains unstoppable!

by Kemi Ajumobi

February 9, 2018 | 12:24 am
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Deborah was the best among those who applied for the position of Assistant Marketing Manager at the firm she now works in.  She has been meeting up with her targets and has become the envy of her colleagues because her boss never ceases to sing her praises. For him, it’s a way of encouraging others to do same however; some people she met at the establishment are obviously not finding the attention funny.

From allegations of eye service to having an affair with her boss…there is nothing she hasn’t been called but, one thing always stands her out, she never listens to hear-say, neither does she allow the chatter distract her. Her eyes are always fixed on raising the bar after every success she achieves.

There had been some funds the company was expecting over two years and it never came through. Three months after the deal was transferred to Deborah to oversee, the funds came out. Her boss was so impressed he made her the manager after the previous manager resigned. She received the letter in shock without actually knowing what was written in the letter until she got home and opened it in the presence of her husband and they were both filled with joy.

Deborah wasn’t having it smooth with her other colleagues. There was someone who she later on learnt had believed he would be made the Manager. Steven is his name. He had been there before her and had more experience. Truth is, the other staff had been congratulating him in advance, they believed he would take over from the manager that resigned but to his shock, Deborah was made the Manager.

Resuming at work the next day, the news had spread that Deborah was now the Manager, everyone walked into her office one after the other to congratulate her except Steven. It was quite obvious but she never let that deter her.

Few weeks later the MD of the organisation travelled and everything was going on as it should but on this faithful day, as Steven was walking into the office, he met a young man walking into the office and he asked him what he came for. The man told him there was an error on a cheque signed and immediately he heard, he asked the man to follow him into his office. He asked him to sit down and immediately closed the door.

The man then went on to explain that instead on writing a N150, 000 cheque, his boss was given a N1, 500,000 cheque and asked him to return it to the company that made the payment. Steven gave the man his number and asked him to tell his boss to reach him for any clarification but that he will work on the error and speak to his MD about it.

Immediately the MD came back, Steven rushed to his office and gave him the cheque. When the MD asked what the cheque was all about, Steven said “The cheque was returned, Deborah wrote a cheque of N1,500,000 instead of N150,000” and the MD said “ but it was written in words as ‘one hundred and fifty thousand…you know what? Not to worry, I will sort this out, you may leave now”.

Immediately he left, the MD called Deborah and asked why she made such a mistake to which she responded “ I am truly sir, I was in a hurry to meet a client paying us the N15million he owed us and didn’t want to miss him because he was travelling so I wrote the cheque in a hurry. I truly apologise sir, it will never happen again” “It better not” he responded and she apologised again and left the office.

She went to the reception to ask who returned the cheque and she was told a young man. She asked who he gave the envelope to and she was told Steven. She shook her head, smiled and went back to her office.

Deborah acted like nothing happened; she would greet him whenever they met on the way but Steven was troubled, he did not understand why she was so calm towards him despite all his efforts to frustrate her. So one day, he could not take it anymore. He walked up to her office and asked for 5 minutes to which Deborah obliged.

He apologised and said how sorry he was for all he had been doing to get back at her. He asked her if she knew he was the one who received the cheque and she said yes. That made him more confused. He truly felt ashamed and pleaded with her. She forgave him however, she has been very careful relating with him, everything remains official after all, they say if you want to dine with the devil, use a long spoon but for Deborah, it’s a No! No! for dinning, whether for lunch or breakfast. Two years later, Stephen got promoted but was taken to another department.

Kemi Ajumobi

by Kemi Ajumobi

February 9, 2018 | 12:24 am
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