Airlines delay, cancel flights over adverse weather condition


December 11, 2017 | 10:51 am
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Airlines operating in Nigeria are cancelling and delaying flights as a result of adverse weather condition.
An airline source told BusinessDay on Sunday that all Uyo bound flights were cancelled on Saturday and none operated Sunday due to adverse weather and bad Instrument Landing Systems (ILS).
This is as the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) called on all passengers to exercise restraint during this adverse weather, which may hamper their travel plans.
This advice is important due to the spate of delays and cancellations occasioned by inclement weather en route most of the nation’s airports.
During the week, most parts of the country witnessed adverse weather conditions, which prevented most scheduled and non-scheduled flights from providing services.
Earlier, the regulatory authority had issued a Weather Alert Circular to all pilots and airline operators on the impending adverse weather. The circular forewarned all operators on the inherent danger associated with harmattan dust haze as regards flight operations at this time of the year.
Sam Adurogboye, general manager, public relations, NCAA, said in a release that the prevailing weather condition was likely to herald a long and severe dust haze in the months ahead. During this period, air-to-ground visibility may be considerably reduced due to the dust haze.
“In addition, aerodrome visibility may fall below the prescribed minima due to the severe conditions. Dust haze can blot runways, the markings and airfield lightings over wide areas. These make visual navigation extremely difficult or impossible.
“Under these kinds of adverse conditions air travel is bound to suffer delays and cancellations,” Adurogboye said.
He advised that passengers therefore exercise restraint when their travels suffer these fates. Pilots are merely observing what is contained in the departure, en route and destination weather, which may sometimes necessitate outright cancellation.
“When these happen, the airline and the pilots are strictly adhering to the Standard and Recommended Practices (SARPs).
“However, operating airlines are expected to share as much information as possible with passengers on the progress of their respective flights in line with the Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations (Nig.CARs) 2015 Part 19.
“The NCAA therefore wishes to advise all passengers to cooperate with the airlines as safety of lives and security cannot be compromised,” he said.
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December 11, 2017 | 10:51 am
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