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Nicole Adehi, the young attorney passionate about capturing timeless moments

by Kemi Ajumobi

September 14, 2018 | 1:04 am
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Nicole Ojone Adehi

Nicole Ojone Adehi is the first of four children and she hails from Kogi State (Igala by tribe). She is a 23 year old Lawyer and Photographer. She prefers to be called an entrepreneur. She was the official photographer to Her Excellency; the wife of the Executive Governor of Kogi State from August 2017 till March 2018 as she had to leave to practice law for a while.

Nicole started photography as a hobby in 2013 and professionally late 2016. She has worked with several celebrities including AY, Denrele, Timi Dakolo, Ycee, Dremo, Annie Idibia to mention a few.  She won the P!NG 2014 Photographer of the year award, the ANUCA 2015 Event of the year Award, the NTCA 2015 and 2016 Female Photographer of the year award.

Her early years were quite exciting. In her words, “My mother is the first thing that comes to my mind when I remember this period of my life. My growing up was different. My mom is a lecturer; she’s always been in the educational field which means I had a very strict and disciplined childhood. My dad on the other hand was the good cop and being the first child and without a brother for about 9 years, I was closer to my dad and low-key had or have this inner tomboy in me which actually gave me this trait of independence.” She says.

The choice of Photography happened in 2013 but professionally since January 2017. In her words, “Every time I repeat this story, it’s almost like a joke but truth is I went to park one day and ran into this road side photographer who gave me a tour round with his camera and we took a lot of pictures and the one that stuck the most was the picture of two goats fighting. It felt like I had captured a timeless and irreplaceable moment. It felt fulfilling and satisfying. I was curious and intrigued so I saved up and got a camera and boom! We here now” She says with a grin on her face.

Being a Lawyer has helped Nicole in her line of work. She affirms this when she says “Law is a profession that keeps your discipline and professionalism in check; it also even has a way of making you smarter. It’s helped me in that aspect and also in the aspect of deciding what opportunities to take and those not to take after looking at the terms of contract. I absolutely love being a lawyer during the week”. Adehi admits.

There is a project that is dear to Nicole’s heart; it is the Next top Model competition in Nigerian Universities. Hear her share more on this. “This is a project I’ve been on since 2014; the concept is basically to give makeup artists, designers, photographers and most importantly models a platform to partake in something they can really benefit from in terms of exposure and funding. It has taken place so far in Afe babalola University, Bowen University, Bells University and Adeleke University. I have been funding this project since its inception but it is my intention to make it very big next year with the help of sponsors to fund this event” Nicole says and continues “We intend to tour 20 universities in the coming year, house and train the contestants for two weeks  and have a grand finale in Lagos; Nigeria. I want to make people happy. I want to make people feel like they have achieved something great in life. I’m really passionate about this event.”

Well, that’s not all to what Nicole is passionate about. There is also the Retroculture Fashion event which she says is basically a bi-annual fashion event she organises in Abuja; Nigeria for the youth to unwind and for those in the fashion field to showcase their art.

Ask Nicole why her passion for photography is intense and she will readily tell you “Photography is special to me. It has made me appreciate nature and God’s creations better in the sense that it makes you realise that there is something beautiful in everything and in everyone. It gives me a really strong feeling of fulfilment when I’m able to wow people by beautiful images I take of them or the way I’m able to capture moments.

It’s really amazing to be the one responsible for properly freezing a timeless moment.  It’s also more amazing to see something else more than your eyes can see and create it differently using light and colours and editing techniques. It’s deeper than I can explain actually.” Nicole narrates.

On her challenges, she says “My professional challenges basically would be that I meet different people because of this line of work; different people with different taste and different wants and needs. Sometimes; you unlearn some skills to please some people and learn new ones to make others happy too. It’s not really a challenge; it’s fun.

My personal challenges stem from the fact that I barely have time for the most random things. I feel it’s just a sacrifice that has to be made now that I still have the strength. I’m building an empire so I really don’t mind.” She tells me.

Being a female in her line of work is what Nicole terms Annoying. Her reasons? Hear her tell it. “Sometimes it’s fun; sometimes it’s annoying. The annoying times would be when you get the ‘You’re too ambitious for a woman; why would you be hustling like this?’ or ‘She’s a woman she won’t have the strength to cover this’ and many more.

The fun times would be when you get the ‘Wow, I admire you, God bless you’ and the likes. Generally though, I think I’ve had more good experiences than bad ones. I really don’t let myself be intimidated and I really don’t show weakness.” She boldly declares.

An interesting, young and motivated lady Nicole is. She ends the interview on this note “My mother once said to me; there’s a way you pray and work that your destiny would change. No matter what you want to do; put your mind to it and keep being consistent. Being consistent and being intentional about your growth is a good foundation for every business.”

Kemi Ajumobi


by Kemi Ajumobi

September 14, 2018 | 1:04 am
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