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BusinessDay, Fine & Country in collaboration to build future of Nigeria real estate


August 22, 2017 | 12:40 am
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Recognising the strength in numbers and the power of shared values, BusinessDay and Fine & Country Realty International West Africa have sealed pact to present premium real estate in its best light and also build the future of Nigerian real estate as a major source of wealth creation.

This partnership is a meeting of great minds given that while BusinessDay is Nigeria’s only authentic and authoritative voice in business and financial journalism, providing undiluted information and intelligence on the nation’s economy, Fine & Country is the final destination for real estate marketing, advisory and consultancy, also offering real estate market direction and intelligence.

The partnership agreement which was signed by Frank Aigbogun, Publisher/CEO, for BusinessDay, and Udo Okonjo, CEO/Vice Chair, for Fine & Country is for the joint publishing and distribution of a ‘BusinessDay Refined’ magazine, a premium property publication that’s destined to become the leading marketing platform for serious property developers and enthusiasts.

“Our collaboration is also a partnership for real estate conferences and exhibitions to present premium real estate in its best light while ensuring we together build the future of Nigerian real estate as a major source of wealth creation”, explained Okonjo in a statement in Lagos at the weekend.

Continuing, she said, “we are truly delighted that BusinessDay, the leading business publication for decision makers, has entered into a long term strategic partnership agreement with us with a vision to upgrade the experience of investors and event guests through providing a reputable media platform and intelligent economic insight”.

The partnership will be making its first outing in October when it will be hosting this year’s edition of Refined Investors Series in London with the aim of showcasing the best of Nigerian real estate to Diaspora Nigerians and other international investors.

“The Refined Investor Series holding in London from October 6 to7 is a massive collaboration of the best real estate and related service providers to showcase Nigerian properties and inspire confidence amongst Diaspora Nigerians”, Okonjo explained.

BusinessDay-Fine & Country partnership provides three key lessons on collaboration. First is that there is strength in numbers which is why businesses are advised to choose partners that have strength where they require it. Whereas Fine & Country has premium real estate expertise, BusinessDay has expertise in publishing, conferencing and strategy.

Another lesson is shared values. These two companies have values that resonate across board and serve similar clients. The third lesson borders on faster growth or speed. Both companies can reach higher and grow faster in these areas of synergy. “Independently, we can each achieve good results, but together we can and will achieve the extra-ordinary in the premium real estate publishing, research, and conferencing sector”, Okonjo assured.

The importance of collaboration as a business growth vehicle cannot be over-emphasised, but Okonjo notes that in real estate, the power of collaboration has never been stronger, with landowners in up-market locations like Ikoyi, Banana Island and other locations teaming up to develop residential and commercial properties.

“Even Lagos State does collaborations through infrastructure concessions, and land joint ventures with developers to provide low cost housing to residents; there are quite a few of the more popular estates including Orange Island, Imperial City, Sunrise Hills Abuja, Land of Honey and several other collaborations.

There’s a definite sense in ‘together we achieve more’ and this has never been more relevant as in the current economy. Why compete when you can collaborate with partners that have similar objectives?”, she queried.



August 22, 2017 | 12:40 am
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