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Giving homes, workplace interior designs new definition with innovative solutions


August 8, 2017 | 1:17 am
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The growing sophistication among Nigerians, especially among the growing clan of the rich and the middle class is, increasingly, reflecting in their lifestyle and the kind of products they demand for.

Most Nigerians have taste for quality and would spend their last kobo for things of beauty, colour and class which is why, despite the exquisite designs estate developers bring to bear on their products, home buyers still expend extra cash to give their homes good treat, especially the interiors.

Many companies are, therefore, in the property market to respond to the demands of home owners and other end users of real estate projects such as hospitals, industries, offices and sundry buildings.

One of those  companies offering products and services that add value and, by extension, give new meaning to homes and workplace designs is Lucky Fibres- the makers of Nobel Carpets and Rugs and a member of Tolaram Group of Companies. This company has been around in Nigeria and, in the last 25 years, it has been marketing and distributing Nobel Carpets and Rugs in Nigeria and Ghana. It has the largest manufacturing facility for Carpets and Rugs in West Africa.

Set up with the vision to be the leader in soft floor covering market in West Africa and a mission to enhance beauty of floors by providing world-class soft floor covering at various price points to satisfy the need of  every consumer, Lucky Fibres has been able to position itself as Nigeria’s leading manufacturer of interior designs and floor coverings.

Its products are ISO 9001 certified and are made with international standards in mind which is why the company creates, manufactures, and markets innovative, decorative and eco-responsible complete solutions for resilient floors, wall covering, etc, from installation to finishing for professionals and consumers.

In order to give consumers the best of experience in its product offering, the company entered into partnership recently with Gerflor Group- a specialist and world leader in resilient flooring solutions- to introduce some new flooring solutions. Explaining the decision to go into the partnership, the General Manager of the company, Jitesh Pamnani, said, “as Nobel Carpets & Rugs, we were just into carpets  and rugs, but we saw the need to cover the entire floor. So we partnered with Gerflor so that we could cover the entire floor range, as carpets can be used for residential and commercial purposes, but not everywhere; so we were short of that”.

“To bridge the gap to cover all the floor coverings, we came up with a partnership with Gerflor to expand our services in covering sports centres and fields, health care facilities, hospitality  and food, and even industrial flooring. The brand covers a wide range of portfolio in terms of flooring solutions. And, of course, we are doing well though new in the market”, he added.

Taraflex, specifically designed for sporting events, is one of the many solutions the company has on offer.  It is a solution made available for all sports courts both indoor and outdoor.

Mipolan Ambiance Ultra is another product offering used in best in class hospitals and clinics in the world. It is anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal floor covering that helps to restrict growth of bacteria. Taralay Emotion is yet another popular high traffic brand designed for the hospitality industry. It is most for hospitals that want to highlight elegance and class.

“Nobel Carpets provides innovative, sustainable, decorative and complete flooring solutions designed for different markets. Hygiene, resistance and acoustic qualities are part of mandatory characteristics of the Nobel Carpets products”, the general manager assured.

In addition to carpets,  Nobel Carpets  and Rugs also offer specialized flooring solutions for various sectors of the economy including the health, sports (indoor/outdoor), education, industrial/retail, residential/commercial segments of the real estate sector.

In addition to carpets,  the company also offer specialized flooring solutions for various sectors of the economy and Pamnani, says these sectors include health, sports (indoor/outdoor), education, industrial/retail, residential/commercial segments of real estate.

In the health sector, the company offers products that ensure anti-bacterial  and anti-fungicidal floors and perform bio-control function on floors to restrict growth of bacteria. For sports, there are products for specialized floors, customized / logo branded solutions which are available for all sports courts both indoor and outdoor. 

In the education sector, the company offers products with very attractive colors and logo/patterns available. It also ensures flexibility of branding and customization;  stain resistant, comfort soft floor option for extra safety of kids, long lasting abrasion and scratch resistance, plus ease of maintenance.

In industrial and retail sector, Lucky Fibres products ensure fast installation in live environment without production stop; there are also products that are resistant to heavy traffic. Even fork-lifts can operate on these floors.

Professionals are increasingly placing emphasis on clean and pleasant workplace environment which explains Lucky Fibres high quality products for the commercial office segment of real estate. The products have long lasting abrasion and is scratch resistant. They also have cost effective life cycle and acoustic performance. In many residential buildings or homes too, there is a wide variety of surface textures. The products are ideal alternatives or replacement for tiles and parquet floors. They also have superior indentation resistance and ease of maintenance.

These products are so affordable that, for as low as N4,000, anyone can get a piece of rug and the company  believes that it is the customers pocket that determines what they get. “We don’t impose price but give room for choices”, Pamnani said in an interview, disclosing that they have about 220 pan Nigeria distributors nationwide where anyone can ask for their products.

Besides the quality products that it offers, Lucky Fibres is also a socially responsible and environment-friendly company which was why in 2015, it was recognized and given an award as the Best Kept Industrial Premises by the Manufactures Association of Nigeria.



August 8, 2017 | 1:17 am
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