IoT, AI to become more embedded in 2018 – Dell


December 6, 2017 | 4:45 pm
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The successes recorded in 2017 and the previous years could be nothing compared to what lies ahead in 2018 and beyond with regard to internet of things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) says Dell Technologies.

Dell Technologies 2018 Predictions which was sent to BusinessDay, says humans’ relationship with machines will get more interwoven into day-to-day lives and more immersive than ever before from next year.

The company’s first of the six predictions for 2018, is that AI will change the way people treat data not just mine it.

“Businesses will harness AI to do data-driven “thinking tasks” for them, significantly reducing the time they spend scoping, debating, scenario planning and testing every new innovation,” says Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President at Dell EMC. “It will mercifully release bottlenecks and liberate people to make more decisions and move faster, in the knowledge that great new ideas would not get stuck in the mire.”

Dell also predicts that decreasing cost of processing power could also lead to 100 billion connected devices soon, and after those a trillion devices.

“We’ll evolve into “digital conductors” of the technology and environments surrounding us. Technology will function as an extension of us. Every object will become smart and enable us to live smarter lives,” Amin said.

The company also forecasts with predictive analytics, machine learning and AI at the forefront, companies will better understand and serve customers at, if not before the point of need.

The fourth prediction is that emerging technologies such as VR, AI, will help people find and act on information without interference from emotions or external prejudice, while empowering them to exercise human judgement where appropriate.

“In the short term, we’ll see AI applied to hiring and promotion procedures to screen for conscious and unconscious bias,” Amin said. “Meanwhile VR will increasingly be used as an interview tool to ensure opportunities are awarded on merit alone.”

Dell also predicts that businesses are overwhelmingly moving toward a multi-cloud approach, taking advantage of the value of all models from public to private, hosted, managed and SaaS. However, as more applications and workloads move into various clouds, the proliferation of cloud siloes will become inevitability; thus inhibiting the organisation’s ability to fully exploit data analytics and AI initiatives.

Finally, Dell believes that reliance on third-parties will surge from 2018.

“Organisations are not simple atomic instances; rather, they are highly interconnected systems that exists as part of something even bigger,” said Amin. “The ripples of chaos spread farther and faster now that technology connects us in astonishing ways.

“Next year will be a year of action for multinational corporations, further inspired by the onslaught of new regulations. Prioritising the implementation of cyber security tools and technologies to effectively protect data and prevent threats will be a growing imperative.”

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December 6, 2017 | 4:45 pm
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